You Can Be Too Frugal

too frugalHave you poured a half finished glass of orange juice back into the carton? Have you taken toilet paper down from your trees after being TP’d to use for its original purpose? I have heard of people doing just that. Have you done outrageous things just to save money? Are you happy with this lifestyle? Do you need to be so frugal?

We’ve all heard of peoples’ frugal habits, and just as spending too much money can be a problem, so can spending too little. If your situation does not require you to be extremely frugal, then why are you? Is it a goal you’ve set for yourself? Is it a challenge you enjoy? Or is it an addiction that needs to be stopped? Sure, you may have debt,


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7 Responses to You Can Be Too Frugal

  1. nance says:

    Some of the behavior of people you describe isn’t being frugal. It’s a mental problem, I think. Saving, or not spending becomes an obsession, and some individuals can’t control it. It’s sad.

  2. Matt says:

    You can take pretty much anything too far. Personally I understand frugality and I’ll exhibit some measure of it but I still need to enjoy myself and I just don’t enjoy being that miserly or that frugal.

  3. hbemis says:

    I believe in extreme frugality for goals. I don’t think frugality is bad. I think miserly people are bad. If you were bad before you became frugal you’re likely to be much more when you are frugal.

  4. Fr says:

    Just like overspening, Frugality can become some kind of addiction. And like every addiction, this can lead to serious problems. Hopefully, savers have that rational grace caring for them :-)

  5. Dody says:

    I don’t agree. I think if children are hurt because their parents never bought them new stuff, the kids are brats. My parents didn’t even buy me USED stuff, I bought my own. Am I hurt? Sure! Do I buy my kids new stuff. No. I usually make their clothes. It’s a happy medium between buying trash for way too much and hand me downs.

    I think extreme frugality is okay. It means security.

  6. VIJAI says:

    Good thoughts but I should agree to that some extent. It even can be family breaker. I think in many cases, frugality can be heriditary habit but how far and to what extent do you want take it is up to depending upon your current condition.

    Conditions are not the same. If somebody seen their parents save and being frugal to big extent, they might be in real bad condition to do it. But you are doing well, you don’t have to be too frugal and can spend money to live the life to fullest.

    Thats my 2 cents.


  7. mjs says:

    My aunt who is loaded used to take all the condiments home from retaurants..this one restaurant in san dieog california knew she was this way, when they seated her all the condiments were not on the table..the waitresses never got a tip either..I took her out to eat a lot when I lived in the city for 10 years, I always tipped well and I always brought her tons of sugar, salt, napkins I purchased from the grocery store, she never got over a life as a child that was horrible, my mother’s only sister and my mother was the one spoiled not her, my mom died very young so she never got to see her many kids grow up and a tiny baby left tooo…so people who are that frugal usually it is a mental thing from their young childhood..She is in her late 90’s mentally alert and in pretty good health, don’t tell me about life throwing people curve balls cause I saw it all with my only living relative of my mothers family alive…I refuse to live that way, tipping waiters and waitress plenty, giving people what they need..I had almost the same kind of life, it is a truly mental condition. She still thinks she needs to be frugal at 97 years old, oh, my God…I say…..

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