Sitting on the Nest Egg

nest egg

What I Know

Among today’s financial headlines is the prediction that stocks will rise today because traders are optimistic about the Freddie and Fannie takeovers. The articles I read commonly noted this optimism, but none of them explained to me why government intervention was cause for optimism.

Strangely enough, another headline noted that oil was trading lower today, even though dangerous Hurricane Ike was moving into the Gulf of Mexico and might threaten oil production in the Gulf. In contrast, about a week ago when Hurricane Gustav moved into the Gulf, oil traded higher. No explanation for the contrast from week to week was offered.

I Just Don’t Get It

The forces that


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2 Responses to Sitting on the Nest Egg

  1. debmc says:

    So simple, so basic, so true. Do not invest out of your “comfort zone,” and while soliciting the advice of others, remember from whence the advice comes, and who is really going to benefit from it, lol.

  2. Gail says:

    I invested through Sharebuilders in General Electric. One of their major factories is in my area so good and bad things happening with the compnay is headline news in our paper. The news has been nothing but good for well over a year now. Yet the price of the stock has tumbled. Do I care? No, because I couldn’t afford to buy it when it was higher. Now I have almost 10 shares. Not a lot, but just a small piece towards our financial future. This stock pays out consistent dividends so my few little shares will grow and I am interested in seeing what a small investment will do over the next 20-30 years.

    I think the next investment will possibly Hershey as they are my favorite candy :) I don’t understand all the legalize in financial statements, but I do understand buying a product I enjoy and see others using.

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