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blood pressureMy kids tell me I am an old man and my wife still thinks of me as a young man, so that can only mean that I have entered into middle age and there is no turning back. Middle age is not so bad. I can look back on the vast majority of my adult life and enjoy all of the memories of my kids growing up and my wife and I growing closer every day. I can face adversity with confidence and I can perform much more valid self-assessments than I could twenty, or even ten, years ago.

When I look back on my twenties and thirties, I recognize that I made a lot of mistakes and still achieved a lot of wonderful things. I nearly flunked out of college as a freshman, but rebounded to graduate and advanced


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4 Responses to To Your Health

  1. R says:

    Thanks for this truthful article. It’s refreshing to find someone who takes responsibility for themselves. Keep up the good!


  2. Patti S says:

    AMEN! I understand where you are coming from, 52 yo and just had a heart attack 2 weeks ago. Sure wish I had smarten up 10 years ago. Take care of yourself.

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