Fast Savings on Fast Food

fast foodGoing out to eat can be an expensive endeavor and even though it’s generally cheaper to eat fast food, even that can get expensive if you are feeding more than one person. While it seems that the days of getting a complete fast food meal (sandwich, side and drink) for under $4 are gone, there are still some ways to put less strain on your wallet when eating out.

The Dollar Menu

I have to admit that this is the main menu that I order food from when I eat out. The biggest reason I like the dollar menu is that the portions are smaller and I’ve taught myself to eat less than the typical fast food portion, thus also reducing my calorie intake. It can be argued that items on the


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2 Responses to Fast Savings on Fast Food

  1. Don says:

    I too have cut out soda (Coca-Cola). I use to really miss it, but not much now.

    I also really like the dollar menu for the same reasons you mentioned.

    In our area, some of the fast food places have weekly specials — like Sonic burgers half price after 5pm on Tuesdays, a meal at KFC on Tuesday and Wednesday for just $2.49, Little Ceasars large pizza for $5.99, half price soft drinks and slushes during happy hours at Sonic and a local drive-in, etc. Learn your areas specials, and utilize them if you want a fast-food-fix.

  2. Gail says:

    When we end up eating out at a fast food place, we usually get a meal and an extra sandwich. We share the drink and fries and we end up with enough. Regular restaurants we get water to drink.

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