Vacation Homes – Cheaper than You Think

vacation homeThere was a time when I thought a weeklong vacation to Hilton Head would be outrageously expensive — either that or I’d have to stay at a less-than-desirable hotel 15 miles from the beach to make it affordable. In my seemingly never-ending quest to find the best deal on everything, I serendipitously stumbled upon something that has changed my entire view about this. Before going into the details, I’ll just say that my family and I now vacation in Hilton Head every year for an amount less than taking shorter vacations in less exclusive areas.

When one breaks down the costs of a vacation, there are usually 4 major categories of expenses: travel, lodging, food, and entert


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6 Responses to Vacation Homes – Cheaper than You Think

  1. disneysteve says:

    We have rented vacation homes numerous times. is one of my favorite travel websites. We’ve rented in Florida a bunch of times and also in Vermont a couple of years ago. We had a 4-bedroom, 2-story chalet with a loft, a large deck and hot tub, fully stocked kitchen, big TV with DVD player and library of DVDs and more for about the price of an upscale hotel room.

    In Florida, we get a 3-bedroom house for the same price as a plain hotel room.

    I’ve sent many friends and family to that site for their vacations. I helped my receptionist book a condo in Maui for her honeymoon two years ago and they loved it.

    Definitely a great way to travel.

  2. Aleta says:

    I would agree with you about getting more for your money with Villas. We vacationed in Hilton Head in 2003. It is a beautiful place. We rented bikes as alot of people bike there. We had a piggly wiggly close by and yes you could walk to the beach. There is such a selection of good food choices and diners. We do the same as you in cooking in alot. There is usually alot of entertainment and activities on the premises to keep you occupied. Our vacations are usualy reasonable for all of the reasons that you stated.

    It also allows us to have extra family members with us.

  3. alc00b says:

    Great ideas! We love vrbo!

  4. ebs02a says:

    Great Article. A villa is for sure the best way to go, and the cost can easily be split with friends!

  5. Oasdg says:

    Great shopping around! I also love renting vacation homes. I live in area, with nice vacation areas near enough to drive to, and renting a home always ends up saving us more than a “typical” vacation.
    The things I actually love the most about it, are some of the most mudane features! I love making my own food, I like knowing there is a kitchen I’ll be cooking in instead of relying on dinners out. And over the past few years, I’ve even built up relationships with a few of the homeowners, and frequent the same homes each year! The local vacation home rental company I go through even allows me to fax over a list of DVDs, magazines, and groceries I’d like to have provided in the home for just $25. It’s a small price to pay to have everything there and ready to settle in to vacation mode! :-)

  6. Cassie says:

    Thank you! This is a great idea!

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