The Price of a Pleasant Shopping Experience

I generally try to save money on everything I buy, especially groceries since they take up a large chunk of our budget each month. We usually try to shop at our military commissary or at a certain national chain that is known for their low prices on groceries and everything else you can think of (I won’t name names, but it should be pretty obvious). Unfortunately our military commissary is more than a half hour from our house so in an effort to save both time and money (for gas) we usually opt for the larger chain that is closer to our house. The problem lies in the fact that my husband and I both hate shopping at this place. The people are usually rude (both customers and employe


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4 Responses to The Price of a Pleasant Shopping Experience

  1. mahanda says:

    i enjoyed reading this as i also have started going to the cheaper store every month for staples and toiletries. use my neighborhood grocery store weekly for fresh produce. have not increased the amount i allot for groceries, but am receiving much better service and spend less time shopping.

  2. Texas Girl says:

    Sign up for the grocery game ( and you’ll save so much money shopping at ‘real’ grocery stores that you’ll never go back to that nasty “Low Price” store again. If its initials are WM, I refuse to shop there for all the same reasons.

  3. smrtshpper says:

    I discovered the added value of not shopping at that other store a few years ago. I quit shopping there to support my local stores and found I was not spending as much money. I still have stuff with tags on it that I have never used but bought because it was such a good deal.

  4. Carol says:

    I have always found that my total grocery bill is lower at the grocery store, even if the price of some items is higher. At the BigMart, there is too much other stuff that finds its way into my basket (e.g., a t-shirt, paperback book, sandals I don’t need, etc.). At the grocery store, I stick to my list, get what I need and get out.

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