114 Ideas if You Want to Work From Home

One of the most common wishes I hear from people is, “I wish I could work from home.” And the thought that almost always immediately follows that is, “But I don’t know what I could do or how to go about it.” Either that or I hear, “Poor me. There’s nothing that I can do from home that’s not hard to get started.” When people tell me things like this, I know they don’t want to work from home badly enough. There’s a reason it’s called “work” from home; it’s not supposed to be easy. If you really wanted to work from home and it was a priority in your life, you would think about it, research it, and find so


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13 Responses to 114 Ideas if You Want to Work From Home

  1. Cortni says:

    Good suggestions! Although many of these wouldn’t actually be “working from home” (i.e. lawn care, tour guide, housekeeper) but it’s a great list of ideas for “working for yourself” :)

  2. disneysteve says:

    I agree with Cortni. Quite a few of those aren’t working from home. Photographer, videographer, pressure washing, lawn care, secret shopper, house sitter, dog walker and many more might be “home-based” businesses because your office is your home, but the actual work would be done somewhere else.

    Even selling on ebay, one of the most popular suggestions for working at home, isn’t really done at home. When I sold actively on ebay, I spent every weekend shopping for merchandise and attended auctions several times per month on weeknights. I put in a lot of hours outside of the home.

  3. crystalloids says:

    What a list, very useful tips to get anyone interested started.
    Fantastic effort.

  4. Texas Girl says:

    I think most people want to be independently wealthy, not really ‘work from home.’ Glad you reminded me that its supposed to be HARD and there are sacrifices and time, effort, and research involved; I forget that sometimes and feel guilty about the time I spend here with my kids but not really ‘with’ my kids because I’m having to work a couple of days a week…… but, I do believe that my kids are much better off here with me, though watching a little too much tv during my two busy seasons a year, than if I were to have a ‘real’ job and let them be raised full time by a daycare.

  5. Pat MaGroine :0) says:

    Interesting article.
    I get all of these except for #88~ “Reviewer.”
    What does a “Reviewer” review?
    Is it referring to that type of thing or am I way off base?
    Help shed me some light, Savers.
    TIA :0)

  6. Dody says:

    As a person who works from home you are very right. I have about 3 jobs actually. I work on a call service, I write, and I have a call service where others work for me. My husband is a computer tech repair guy, teacher, etc… You would think we would pull in a decent income, like almost independently wealthy, but we don’t because we live in a very small town. So if we can do it in a town of less than 2 thousand, I am 1000% certain anyone can. Add to that when we started neither of us had a High school diploma! I hate hearing the “I can’t” or it’s too hard nonsense.

  7. Cindy M says:

    I’m one of those medical transcriptists who has worked full time from home for over 10 years (32 years in this business altogether). I’d say our industry is probably 99% work from home now. I work for a large company (at least 2000 of us in the US and we do outsource). Yes, you can still make a decent living, and I’d hate to have to go back to any kind of office setting. My industry has most certainly changed, however, and I’m being forced to learn some different sets of skills before I retire (wish I didn’t have another 10 years to work) to be able to keep up. I’m not thrilled about it, of course. Seems to me my once very enjoyable common sense job is turning into an overly complicated, stressful race to make a buck. We’re competing with India, and they most certainly are catching up.

  8. Jay | Wealthy Affiliate Insider says:

    This is a really great list. There’s a lot of things you can do from home to make money, if you can get past the bogus offers then get Small Business Opportunities Magazine, they have a lot of ideas like this one as well as suggestion on how to start and what you need. Thats how I found affiliate marketing.

  9. Oasdg says:

    WOW! What a long list of things you can do to work for yourself! I work from home (for a company), and I always tell people if you want to work from home, you can, you just have to figure out how. There were dozens of things on your list I never even thought of!

  10. Gail says:

    Maybe I missed it, but having a great blog, website etc can pull in income even if you don’t sell an actual product if it is interesting enough and provides content that others would like to see.

    Working part time from home has been wonderful for me as I can’t physically handle the demands of a full time, go out to work, job. I can work for a little bit, take a lunch break and nap, work some more, do some housework and take a break and maybe do some more work in the evening. I need all those breaks just to have the energy to keep going for the day, but after I read an article that most office workers/professionals only actually put in 5.5 hours on the job each day, I figure that a work at home person who can at least do that with a good business can succeed.

    In many ways cheaper to work at home as you don’t have to have the power clothes or uniforms, no temptations to eat lunch out, no commuting (how many hours a year do people waste in traffic jams commuting?) so less gas and wear and tear on your vehicle.

    The poster was right. Someone who claims they want to work at home but doesn’t know what they want to do and doesn’t do any research, doesn’t really want to work from home. They want a rich uncle to die and remember them well in the will. I used to see the same type of question on another forum: “I want to sell on eBay. What should I sell and where do I find it and how do I do it?”. They aren’t even willing to read the ebay guidelines. They want someone to spoon feed them everything so they will make lots of money without even having to work or think.

  11. Neil Matthews says:


    I advocate people auditing their current role and seeing if it is compatible with teleworking, even for part of the week.

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  13. Nigel Abery says:

    Some good ideas here. fiverr.com is a good site for people who want to freelance and many of them could be home based jobs. Great post!

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