Dear Mr. CEO

Dear Mr. CEO of a fiction company that bears no resemblance whatsoever to the author’s current real-life employer:

We, your loyal employees, understand money is tight. We know you’re doing everything you can to keep the company running. But morale is down. Your employees think all you care about is meeting a sales number. Do you remember how you used to give us perks? We had free microwave popcorn, free cookies, free soda pop and even the occasional free lunch. One by one you took these from us. We didn’t complain. We sympathized. But that doesn’t mean we don’t miss the goodies. We need you to show us you care, even just a little bit. We have come up with a few


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3 Responses to Dear Mr. CEO

  1. greg says:

    I don’t think that companies realize how demotivating it can be when they take away perks and don’t do anything to try and replace them. Even when you know that things are tight for the company, as you have suggested, there are things they can do that don’t cost a lot that can keep moral up. When employees aren’t motivated, you aren’t going to get quality work out of them.

  2. DIANA PERRY says:

    very cute, and has some very practical advice.

  3. Gail says:

    I once worked for a company that owned 2 health care facilities only a couple of blocks from each other. I worked in the one for awhile and there were never any perks. I got transferred to the other and found they got donuts one day a week! That made my morale go down thinking that employees of one branch were being treated better than another. But it equaled out as soon even the years long tradition of donuts was displaced and so both places had no perks.

    I wonder just how much a bunch of boxes of donuts cost compared to the CEO’s salary. I bet he was getting raises during the years we not only got no raises but had the donuts taken away.

    I always wondered about the ‘free’ coffee issue also. I don’t drink coffee, so was alway offended when the coffee drinkers tried to insist that I had to donate to the coffee fund. Their excuse was everybody donates. Which of course reminds me of the mother’s reasoning if everybody jumps off the cliff do you need to?

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