Simple Home Improvement Money Savers

home improvement money saversMy home improvement project list never seems to get any shorter. Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t get any bigger. I’ve had to be pretty creative and really look for ways to save money while personalizing and renovating my house. Fortunately there are a lot of resources available to renovators with grand plans but tiny budgets.

Buy second-hand

I have bought everything from mirrors to vanities and chandeliers second hand. The best resource for second-hand wares is Habitat for Humanity. The housing nonprofit has dozens of Re-stores, which are basically thrift stores for building supplies. When folks renovate, they donate their used goods to the store for a tax deduction. Habitat


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6 Responses to Simple Home Improvement Money Savers

  1. Jason H says:

    Don’t forget to go to the home improvement stores, both chain and local. They often have closeout or display models for sale at a deep discount. I have picked up wood flooring at a 60% discount and a metal hanging pot rack at a 40% discount. Also, don’t be too shy to ask for a volume discount if you are buying a lot, or a “it’s not exactly what I want” discount. Sometimes, especially in today’s economic climate, they will cut 5-10% off the price just because you ask.

  2. justme says:

    i have found that if I go back and forth between lowes and home depot and look for coupons for these store i can get a great deal, but I must shop each store for each item

    I have shopped habitat store ( a while back ,maybe I should have a second look) and was dismayed that they charge so much for used junk to the working public and use that money to give fee nice stuff to the habitat houses, why cannot they use that stuff on their houses and save money?
    they had “recycled ” paint for 50 dollars for five gallons ,all green they take old paint and mix it together until it is a horrible color of green maybe it has gotten better since I was there

    the one thing I have found is used windows ,we have stores around that sell used windows, they are misordered new windows or the windows people took out of new houses as they wanted custom windows we replaced all the windows in our renatl with nice viynls (sp?)for 200 dollars (installed ourselves) a bargain

  3. Uncommonadvice says:

    To me Home improvement (which I tend to avoid) is a case of beg, steal and borrow. i’ll wager that your circle of friends will have enough Home Improvement items lying around their sheds and garages to kit out your whole place.

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  5. perry degener says:

    The best time to shop at Lowes and Home Depot is when they are doing inventory; they clear out tons of stuff–quickly and at great reductions!

  6. berna says:

    Whether you just moved into a new home or you find yourself trying to spruce up the house you

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