Financial Benefits of Owning a Dog

After years of struggling to justify the cost of dog ownership, I have compiled a list of chores for my dogs to do that save me money and time. Training was simple, since most duties are derived from their natural instincts. I find myself with more time, more money and less stress. Most dogs would love to be productive members of society, if only humans would let them do their thing.

Vacuum Cleaning

I no longer buy vacuum bags. My dogs eagerly take care of accidentally dropped food. They will sit under the table at mealtime to provide our family with instant clean up service. As a bonus, dogs will also clean up other dropped items besides food, like pencil erasers and thumbtacks.



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12 Responses to Financial Benefits of Owning a Dog

  1. chrystal says:

    These sound an awful like ways that dogs end up costing a lot of money. I’m all for looking at the glass half full, but so many people end up getting pets and not being able to afford them that they end up giving them up. It’s a very sad thing.

  2. Debra says:

    You forgot not needing a bath because the dog licks your face and hands constantly.

  3. Ann says:

    We also save on child care costs. My dog keeps them in line. I recommend sheep dogs for this duty: a Border Collie makes a nice nanny.

  4. leslie says:

    Don’t forget that dogs make nice portable rugs. Mine lays out flat on the floor in whatever room I am in. He is quite large (90 lbs) and covers a good amount of the floor. When I need an area rug in another room I just bribe him to go in there and lay down.

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  6. Uncommonadvice says:

    I can’t support this once I’m afraid. All pets are a waste of money. Just another mouth to feed when times are hard.

  7. Manda says:

    haha…hello people…I really think that the author had a majorly sarcastic undertone to what they were writing….duh he wasn’t being serious! (or god I hope not)

    OH and BY THE WAY…
    Pets are by NO means a waste of money to people who love them and want to have them. So get over that sista.

  8. viola says:

    And how about companionship? I think I will get myself a dog as soon as possible. 😉

  9. lieweheksie says:

    saving on therapy…doggy always ready to listen and always happy to see you :-)

  10. Provi Hernandez says:

    I should let you know that I am writing this comment from my grave as I have died laughing form your wonderfully funny and true article.

  11. viola says:

    I have just read your article again and must say, dogs (as well as other animals) are very forgiving. That is because they live in the NOW and they do not ‘bring up’ the past. They are always happy to see you, even if no one else does 😉

  12. drowninginslobber says:

    Ello mates,
    I have three dogs of my own, and I don’t know if I could ever live without a dog.

    You forgot that their poo makes excellent fertilizer. :)

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