The Auto Numbers Game

car dealershipBy Joseph Ganem

Just about every financial decision we make involves comparing numbers. But, often the numbers shown are not the ones you should compare. The sellers of automobiles and related products are masters at leading people down the wrong financial road with misleading numbers. Whether buying a car or a tank of gas, it is easy to be distracted by the numbers in large lettering on the signs. But always think about the difference between the total amount of money in your pocket before and after the transaction. That sounds obvious, but consider these common examples where numbers send the consumer off in the wrong direction.

Buying a car

Dealers have found 0% financing offers to be on


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3 Responses to The Auto Numbers Game

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  2. Sara says:

    It’s so important to think long term when it comes to cars. The expense is not just in the payment, but every other piece of maintenance and upkeep as well. Nice post.

  3. jiimiona says:

    your blog is getting better )

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