Do You Really Save Money on Tax Free Weekends?

Now that back to school season is upon us, my state and many others are promoting their upcoming tax free weekends. These are the weekends where you can buy items from certain categories and escape the state and/or local sales taxes on those items. The rules vary by state, but typically the items you can buy tax free include computers, some computer software and hardware, clothes, school supplies and reference books. To get customers and take advantage of increased traffic, some stores that don’t sell exempt items will have sales where they mark items down the percentage of the tax. For example, a local furniture store had a sale where everything in the store was 8% off (the amount of o


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2 Responses to Do You Really Save Money on Tax Free Weekends?

  1. Debbie M says:

    I like to go to places people don’t think of going. In my state it’s clothing that’s tax-free during our weekend. So of course malls, Target, and Walmart are crazy busy and I stay away. However, thrift stores aren’t busy. And they frequently have sales at the same time to encourage people to shop there.

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