15 Everyday Habits that Save Money

I recently visited the dentist and learned that I had a cavity that needed a filling. My insurance would only pay a portion of what the filling would cost, so I would need to fork out $70 out of my own pocket. Paying money to sit through getting a filling is not something that made me jump for joy. I consider $70 to be a good amount of money and I don’t want to give it up to get dental work done. As I left the dentist lamenting over the $70 cost that I could have avoided had I just brushed and flossed more, I realized that there are a lot of daily habits that cost little or nothing to do, but can save money if done consistently. Below are fifteen of these everyday habits that can sa


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17 Responses to 15 Everyday Habits that Save Money

  1. Great list and not your normal ‘savings’ hints. Very practical and doable. I like it!

  2. Hilary says:

    I resuse a towel much more than 2 or 3 times before washing it!! But I suppose, different folks, different strokes…

    Great hints. I especially like the clothing one because it’s so true – I always end up with piles of clothes on my floor, and as a result I end up washing them after only one wearing. Even just hanging them on a doorknob or putting them on a chair can cause you to put them back instead of putting them with the laundry.

  3. baselle says:

    Wow, where are you shopping? :D Packs of cigarettes are more than $6. Cartons of cigs are now big, big money.

  4. Negash says:

    Great list..they are so simple and full of common sense!

  5. Mike Stokes says:

    This is a great list. Another major money saver that we have found is NOT to do your grocery shopping at a Super WalMart. Buy your groceries at the “neighborhood” WalMarts that only carry grocers, and don’t have all of those other items in there that you pick up that you don’t need. You can save BIG money every week doing this.

  6. Joan.of.the.Arch says:

    I like to hang the towels on the clothesline after a use to dry quickly and be disinfected by the sun.

  7. SaveForHouse says:

    I really have to agree with the exercising, eating well, and sleeping well tips! For my exercise, I really like to go on long walks (several miles) especially in the summertime. It’s a great way to get outside for fresh air, stay in shape, and contemplate all sorts of stuff. It’s amazing how clearly I think when I’m on my walks. I often come back from my walk with new plans on how to achieve my goals and an overall very positive outlook.

  8. Chris says:

    You have a great list going there. One to add would be not to overbuy. My wife and I used to have an extra freezer running in the garage. We would buy things in bulk at Costco and SAMS club and stock up the freezer. While we thought we were saving money, we found that it was cheaper for us to ditch the extra freezer and buy things in smaller quantities at local supermarkets. We figured that we were spending an extra $20-$25 a month to run the freezer. Plus we were often throwing things out because of freezer burn. Costco works better for larger families in my opinion.

  9. Andrea says:

    Regarding healthy eating – I’ve been buying less meat when I go to the grocery store. Not only do I eat more fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins in place of meat, but I save money on my grocery bill. Meat can be expensive!

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  11. Jackie Walden says:

    I am amazed at the people who say save money at the grocery store, meat is expenisve. I know it it is higher in different places and along with many items. But eating healthy is very important! Fresh veggies, fruit and meat is mostly needed to stay healthy and not be over weight, which most of the world is! Pleople think they save money by buying on sale items. When was the last time one sat down and looked at coupons and sale items? Pasta, canned foods, soda (made of chemicals) and pure junk food. If one eats right it will save a lot of money at doctors {which we do not believe in, they are only in practice and cover up problems with meds, another chemical and not cure it, they offer – let me operate to make major bucks and when most can be cured by what you eat!} Think about it, if your healthy and not over weight, you save a lot! Groceries, med bills, etc. and will live a longer life, feeling better and healthier!

  12. Another Personal Finance Blog says:

    Good Tips. Eating leftovers is a critical one for me. I eat them almost exclusively for lunch every day. If you plan your meals right, they can be healthy, delicious, easy and save money.

    Also look at habits that cost money, such as a daily coffee, eating out, ATM fees, etc.

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  16. Gail says:

    A few more habits that we are doing.

    Set aside time to do jobs that once they are habits can help save money such as paying your bills on a particular day of the week every week so bills aren’t missed and you avoid late payments and finance charges.

    Keep an ongoing grocery/shopping list where everyone in the family knows where it is and is responsible for writing down items that are about used up so a replacement can be purchased without a special trip.

    With todays high gas prices have a list for your errands and think through the list in a logical order before heading out to save gas. And don’t go out for just one errand. If it looks like you have only one thing to do, think ahead a couple of days–can you pick up or drop off early?

    Make notes to yourself to remind you of new habits you are trying to acquire. We are trying to save on electricity and I have a note to remind me to turn off the printer when I’m not using it. It isn’t a habit yet, so the note is still up taped to my computer monitor.

    Once something is a habit not only can you be saving money, but you are also easing stress in your life which works right into being healthy.

  17. Yael Diamond says:

    Great post with some excellent ideas – I never realised the impact of a lack of sleep but it is so true.

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