God and Money: Prayer Won’t Fix People’s Finances

prayingBy M. Ellis, Special Guest Writer

The other day a friend invited me to her church because she knows that I’m interested in finance and the minister was beginning a series on God and finance. I almost declined because the thought of a minister preaching on God and finance gives me the heebie jeebies. I’ve often thought that religion and money ought to be kept separate, at least in public forums. In my experience, when a minister starts talking about finance in church it’s for one of three reasons: First, the church needs money and the minister uses his pulpit as a fundraising tool. Second, it’s because the church is trying to become more “relevant” to its m


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52 Responses to God and Money: Prayer Won’t Fix People’s Finances

  1. Carol Lewis says:

    Receiving money is almost like receiving food. We too often feel we need it just as much, and we equate it with love. But money is not food or love. Here is the primary difference: God created food and love. Man created money. Like other inventions, such as science, money is a useful but imperfect tool.
    Money is the medium we use to relate to each other and the world at large. Transactions between people of any variety of beliefs or abilities or geographic loctions involve money. Money somehow has become inserted between all of us.
    Yet, money will not buy us love. What money buys us is some earthly power. Or put another way: money will buy us the Devil’s counterfiet for love.
    Don’t fall for it, my friends. The bible tells us that love should be the distinguishing mark of Christians. We should all have God’s love inserted between us, not money.

  2. Mazmum says:

    Good blog…I’ve been to enough church watching people deluded into thinking God wants them to be rich. God will makes things happen so you don’t have to do anything but pray. It is sad that people are this small minded. We were born on this earth with all the tools in us to grow and learn and love. That is why we are here. This self centered American brand of consumer based Christianity is a slap in the face to true Christians who use their faith to grow strong and have the self motivation to do something with their lives. Financial choices, education, and being proactive and productive makes or breaks your success in this world. Faith give you strength and guidance. It’s disgusting how many people don’t go after jobs, or actively try to make their lives better because they truly believe God is going to do it for them. It’s small minded, largely delusional, and a great disservice to those who have true faith.

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