Financial Motivation: How to Stay Motivated while Pursuing Your Financial Goals

I’ll be perfectly honest. Even though I make a living writing about personal finances (and enjoy reading and writing about the subject), I have to make a concerted effort to stay financially motivated with my own finances. For those that have little interest in personal finances, but still want to get their finances in order, the power to stay financially motivated is many times more difficult.

One of the most difficult aspects for anyone wanting to get their finances in order is finding the motivation to do so. Just the thought of tackling it can stop many from even beginning. It can seem like a massive endeavor to undertake and even if you manage to jump-start yourself into action,


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10 Responses to Financial Motivation: How to Stay Motivated while Pursuing Your Financial Goals

  1. toopoor says:

    When you don’t have enough money, it’s impossible to be motivated to do anything but try and survive. People can’t think about the future when they are wondering where their next meal is going to be coming from.

  2. gina says:

    Thank you for sharing. I do some of these already, but I’m going to try some of the others I don’t do. I love reading how others do things and try to take the best ideas to help my own finances.

  3. BJ says:

    Nice article. I should probably think about making those lists. I tried it once but somehow I forgot about it along the road. Putting it in places where you won’t miss it is a good idea. Maybe a desktop wallpaper? ^_^x

  4. John says:

    Really nice of you to share these thoughts.

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  6. imp says:


    You will be wondering for the rest of your life where your next meal is coming from if you believe it is impossible to motivate yourself about the future.

  7. Gail says:

    I have found one of things that is needed to remain motivated is to get enough rest. If you are tired, you tend to get discouraged about lots of things and money matters only make it worse. I have found that when my arthritis is causing me to loose sleep I feel more discouraged about finances than when I am well rested. Taking good care of yourself physically (rest, exercise, nutrition) is important to your general wellbeing and outlook on life.

  8. Susan says:

    Gail, That is so true, a good night’s sleep really makes a difference in my attitude and how I react to stress.

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  10. Etiketer says:

    Thanks! Really interesting. I wish i could spend my time on writing articles…just have no time for it.

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