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Quit Complaining About Fuel Prices and Do Something

I’ve officially reached my limit for how much complaining about oil prices I can take. Maybe it’s because I write for Saving Advice, but I suddenly have people coming out of the woodwork complaining to me about high gas and … Continue reading

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Putting the Scrap back into the Art of Scrapbooking

I hopped into the craft store for paint supplies and found myself staring at a display across the aisle as I was checking out. “Designer Scrapbooking” said the banner. Little cellophane pockets were filled with cardstock flowers with little glittery … Continue reading

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Personal Finance Weekend Reading Round-Up

Weekend reading is a round-up of personal finance reading that has caught our eye that may be of interest to you: Discussions From The Forums These are threads started this past week within the forums which have created quite a … Continue reading

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The Best Voyeuristic Financial Books

A few weeks ago I wrote about books that are valuable for every level of financial knowledge. Almost all of those books were “how-to” books or books about developing and implementing investment strategies. This week I’m going to recommend a … Continue reading

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Why I Am Not The Least Bit Embarrassed to Use Coupons

Some people think using a coupon in public is even more embarrassing than, say, accidentally walking into the wrong restroom. I have done both, and I assure you — the latter is far more embarrassing! Here’s why I am not … Continue reading

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Never Pay Someone to Protect Your Identity

You’ve probably seen the ads for LifeLock, an identity theft protection service, where the CEO gives out his Social Security number and claims that he can do that because he has such confidence in his company’s ability to protect his … Continue reading

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Why You Should Focus on Spending Less Over Earning More

Several readers have commented recently that they would like to hear more about how to earn more and less about how to spend less. While earning more is a worthy goal — after all, you can never save more than … Continue reading

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Don’t be Mr. Cheap

Dear Mr. Cheap, You know exactly who you are so I don’t feel a need to name you. While I know that you think that you are being sly and saving yourself a lot of money, let me say that … Continue reading

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Successful Finances Require More than Just Learning

I once heard Dave Ramsey say that when it comes to getting out of debt and staying out of debt, it is 20% knowledge and 80% behavior. Just look at anyone who’s ever said “I know I shouldn’t (insert bad … Continue reading

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