20 Ways Your Child’s Imagination Can Save You Money

child's imagination

What is it about children that invite us to spend money on them? Is it that we see they are cute at everything, so everything is fair game? Is it that we want them to have the best so we better make sure that they have the newest and most recent and most expensive? Is it that we feel they’ll resent us if we don’t give them the brightest newest, most hip toy for holidays or birthdays?

When did we forget that children are imagination incarnate? They are the physical form of make-believe. Their minds are rich. We really don’t need to buy them things to help enrich their minds, we only need to provide a rich environment, and enriched minds will develop on their own. Here are


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5 Responses to 20 Ways Your Child’s Imagination Can Save You Money

  1. nanamom says:

    Clay is made pretty inexpensively and is great for the imagination. A bucket of colored water and a paintbrush is fun and cheap as well. Cooking with you is fun and has to be done anyway. Gardening is a great frugal lesson as well as Botany. Paper bags are a whole world too. Don’t forget bubbles. A bit of dish soap goes a long way. Swimming doesn’t have to be in an expensive pool not camping in a big park. Both are great activities for kids anywhere.

  2. Summer fun?
    $2.59 for a can of foaming glass cleaner yields a couple hours of ‘fun’ and clean mirrors, clean car windows! Just make sure it is outside or in a WELL ventilated area.

    Ditto for ‘scrubbing’ bubble bathtub cleaner! Wheeee! How much easier can it get to have a clean tub?

  3. Lisa says:

    Excellent article!

  4. I find your tips for saving money with your children rather useful.There are many expenses that come with children. The expenses are more evident with infants. As they get older it takes much more. It is a fact!

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