The High Cost of Multilevel Marketing Plans

I am simply amazed at how much money certain “business opportunities” can end up costing. I put the term “business opportunities” in quotes because what I’m really talking about are multilevel marketing plans that disguise themselves as “business opportunities.” I am most familiar with one particular company (though I won’t name it here) but I know there are many others like it.

It starts like this: You are invited to a “party,” “meeting” or “open house” where you are shown certain “high quality” products. You are invited to purchase these products through the host of the get-together. But


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6 Responses to The High Cost of Multilevel Marketing Plans

  1. stephany says:

    I have a whole bunch of water filters gathering dust in my garage because of a mlm scam I got conned into. One of the worst financial mistakes I made — especially since it was at a time when money was already tight and I couldn’t afford to waste it like I ended up doing.

  2. ben says:

    I would never recomment anyone get involved with multi-level marketing. It’s a great way to end up poorer.

  3. Alan says:

    MLM-make little money Generally the company fails the person, not the other way around. Those network marketing companies that have a business system that works are legitimate ways to make money. Read any good tax book and they will encourage you to have your own home based business. You have to choose a company whose system works and is well proven. We have many former MLM’ers in mine and they ARE making money and DO save on taxes.

    Remember, if you don’t do anything, then everything remains the same. do your homework because there are companies that DO WORK.

  4. Carol says:

    I gave away $300 for a kit from a cosmetics company, in the hope of making money with my “own” business. What a crock! Fortunately, I realized it was a scam before I bought thousands of dollars in inventory, unlike some others i know.

  5. JT says:

    Quixtar and Amway are definitely fraudulent MLM schemes.

  6. larryosan says:

    Love your use of my pic. YOu sum up my feelings on this subject, which is why my poster is the way it is.

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