The Best Voyeuristic Financial Books


A few weeks ago I wrote about books that are valuable for every level of financial knowledge. Almost all of those books were “how-to” books or books about developing and implementing investment strategies. This week I’m going to recommend a different type of financial book. These are the books that don’t teach you how to manage your finances in a step by step manner, rather they present the stories, examples, and cautionary tales of actual people. Some of these books discuss the financial situations of individuals, others look at ethnic/demographic groups, nations, or civilization as a whole and ask questions such as, “How did we get into this mess?” and,


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4 Responses to The Best Voyeuristic Financial Books

  1. none says:

    My favorite is Walden by Thoreau.

  2. irmanator says:

    also check out the wealthy barber

  3. I read ‘Nickel & Dimed’–it was pretty good. I read a number of reviews complaining that it had a socialist ‘agenda’ but having had some fairly low-paying, awful jobs, I thought it was pretty realistic and factual.

    Thanks for this list, it’s terrific. I’m going to check out several of these this summer now that I’ve read through your recommendations.

  4. Oasdg says:

    Thanks for another great list! I checked out some of the books I hadn’t already read from your other list and so far they’ve been good. I’ve read a number of these, but a few I’ve never heard of and they sound intriguing. Thanks again for putting another list together.

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