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Stop Storing and Save – Storage Units Are A Waste of Money

Personal storage facilities are appearing everywhere. Whether new garage-like structures or refashioned warehouses, factories, and banks, all have the purpose of storing our culture’s accumulated stuff. For the “low” price of $39.95 a month, you can rent the smallest of … Continue reading

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26 Ways To Save Money on a Walt Disney World Vacation

Now that it’s spring and the government rebate checks are starting to roll in, many people are sounding like that old Super Bowl commercial: “You’ve just received your rebate check! What are you going to do now?” “I’m going to … Continue reading

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Ten Great Bits of Financial Advice

It’s been said that when you take free advice, you should remember that you get what you pay for. I agree that it’s important to evaluate any advice — free or not — before following it, but rejecting all free … Continue reading

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Voluntary Poverty and Escaping the Need for Money

A friend and I were talking the other day about jobs and money (actually, we were whining about our jobs and money) and he brought up the concept of Voluntary Poverty. I’ve never heard of voluntary poverty outside of certain … Continue reading

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When Trying to Save Money Can Cost You

The other day my husband and I went to a specific grocery store that we don’t normally shop at to pick up some ice-cream that was on sale. Normally this particular kind of ice-cream (my husband’s absolute favorite) is at … Continue reading

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Ways to Save Money at Amusement Parks

Lehighton Night at Dorney Park was a highlight of each year when I was a young teenager. For $5 anyone in my small town (Lehighton) could buy an advance ticket for evening admission to the amusement park just over 25 … Continue reading

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Money Photos: How and Why Advertising with Cash Works

A hoard of junk mail has passed through my in-box and into either the shredder, a pile for reuse, or straight into the recycle bin over the years. It wasn’t until recently, though, that I started noticing how photogenic money … Continue reading

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