Financial Advice from a Call Girl: How Great Sex Can Make You Rich

great sex

When people think about the best financial advice they have ever received, it usually comes from a family member, a close mentor or a financial guru. So it’s with a bit of embarrassment that I must admit that the best financial advice I ever received came from a call girl I slept with in my younger days. Even more surprising, it wasn’t intended to be financial advice, but what seemed to be almost an afterthought that she shouted back at me on he way out the door:

“Don’t marry her if she isn’t great in bed.”

While her comment always stayed in the back of my mind, I never looked at it as financial advice until I realized where I am in my marriage and where many of my friends are. What I realize is that great sex has made me a happier person, saved our family a lot of money and kept me from falling into situations that have cost my other friends a lot of money.

Let me first state that I don’t see great sex as having anything to do with sexual prowess or stamina, but everything having to do with compatibility. Great sex isn’t an individual performance, but a combined performance between two partners that leaves you both exhilarated.

Having great sex with your partner is certainly not typical financial advice that you will hear in any of the personal finance magazines that you read, but that little gold nugget of advice has made me a lot more wealthy than most of my peers and advice that you should take to heart. Here are some reasons you should consider it a lot harder than you have:

Great sex reduces your entertainment costs

I can’t remember the last time I have seen a movie with my wife. This isn’t because either of us is cheap or don’t enjoy movies, but because there is never a question of what we’d rather choose to do. If you had the choice of a movie or a night of passionate love, which would you choose? Neither of us sees any reason to change this choice even after 15 years of marriage.

Great sex keeps you out of the malls

There is no need for retail therapy when you have a good sex life. You already know what makes you happy so there is no need to go searching for it in the latest gadget that will supposedly make you feel better. Nothing will fulfil you on a daily basis the way a great sex life will.

Great sex means you don’t eat out as much

Having a great sex life will mean you eat out a lot less than the average family. Much like with movies, if you have the choice of going out or a dinner in together with extra curricular activities, the dinner in almost always wins.

Great sex keeps you organized

When you are constantly looking forward to being with your partner, you don’t want other things to get in the way. You learn to get organized so that when you get home, there is nothing left over from work that needs to be done that could get in the way of the evening activities. Being the once unorganized slob and constant procrastinator that I used to be, I can tell you that having a compelling reason to be organized and get things finished early will ensure that you do. great sex is one of those compelling reasons.

Great sex makes you healthier

According to a study of 90,000 American adults done by Dr. Ted Mcllvenna, from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, sexually active people take fewer sick leaves, are more gregarious and enjoy life more. That means less doctor visits, lower insurance premiums and no need to pay for a gym membership. Except for the unexpected heart attack (that appears to have been more genetic than anything else according to my doctors), I have been in great health during my marriage. I have taken exactly 3 days of sick leave in the 15 years I have been married and I find it hard to believe that many married men look forward to coming home as much as I do.

Great sex means that vacations are less expensive

When you and your partner have great sex together, the focus of a vacation changes dramatically. Most people choose vacations to be entertained, but when you have great sex, you choose vacations for the mood that they create. Time isn’t spent going from tourist attraction to tourist attraction, but spending time together enjoying the time and the atmosphere. Even when we pay extra to create a more romantic mood, the vacations are still far less than friends who vacation to be entertained.

Great sex means that you have no reason to cheat on your partner

A lot of people cheat on their partners for a lot of different reasons, but if the two of you have great sex together, it takes away the biggest reason for either of you to cheat on one another. Having affairs can be an expensive habit that can drain money from your overall wealth, especially when money is being hidden in order to maintain the affair. Great sex can keep you from ever making this costly mistake.

Great sex means you’ll stay married

That affair can become a lot more costly if it ends up resulting in divorce. If you want to keep your net worth secure, you don’t ever want to get divorced. I’ve seen first hand what it has done to a number of my friends financially, and it’s not a pretty sight. There is a reason why people say that divorce is like taking all the money you have to the top of a tall building and then throwing handfuls of hundred dollar bills out of the window as fast as you can because that is essentially what happens. If you have great sex together, there is a lot less likelihood that either one of you will see divorce as something that you want or need.

What this all means is that our savings and net worth are a lot healthier than most of the friend that I’ve known over the years. It isn’t that we make more money, but that we have found a way to spend time together that costs little money and which we both enjoy immensely. Spending our time having great sex instead of spending money on other things means that we will retire with plenty of money without ever having to have struggled they way most people do.

So I pass along the best financial advice I have ever received from a call girl who didn’t even realize she was giving such important financial advice: “When you choose a partner, make sure that you have great sex together.”

(Image courtesy of SeraphimC)

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55 Responses to Financial Advice from a Call Girl: How Great Sex Can Make You Rich

  1. grimsley says:

    I must admit that is one of the best pesonal finance headlines I’ve read in quite some time. It got me to look.

  2. faith says:

    Anyone that has no moral compass and would sleep with a prostitute should never be allowed to give advice to others. It is disgusting that you are allowed to write for this blog.

    Sex is not a way to save money. It is a way for a good Christian couple to raise a family. This is the worst financial article I have ever read.

  3. pjmama says:

    I think it is important to consider everyone’s beliefs concerning sex and not judge them too harshly. In many places in the world sex is believed to be healthy, and necessary. And not necessarily only for procreation. There are cultures where sex is compared/paired with meditation even.

    But that aside, I think this is a fabulous article. I find many of these points to be very true, though a bit untraditional 🙂 Great job on writing an article that is innovative, eye-catching, and useful. I’ll have to try a few of these out 🙂

  4. Sam Pittsburgh says:

    great article.

  5. wealthman says:

    It’s not often I come across an article that catches me completely by surprise. A nice change of pace reading this one.

  6. ginger says:

    I think that there is more to a relationship that mere sex and this article does a disservice to what relationships are supposed to be. What if the person meets all your needs in every other area and the sex is good, but not great? Are you saying that it would be a financial mistake to marry that person? I should just dump him because even though he’s a sweet guy and makes me happy, the sex isn’t “great?”

    This is obviously written by a man and doesn’t take into account that there is more to a relationship than sex.

  7. Jill Kynte says:

    Re: “faith” I’m so glad that I don’t have a straight-laced partner like you.

  8. davis says:

    Some really uptight people here. Nothing wrong with great sex in my opinion, but the whole theory goes to hell if someone accidentally gets pregnant. Then it isn’t cheap entertainment at all!!!

  9. Cindy M says:

    Right, not to mention STDs and other unforeseen weirdo problems that go could go along with paying for sex from the kind of individual who can’t think of anything better to do with her or his life than charging strangers for sex. You might give that a thought. These are NOT stable people.

  10. justme says:

    sex has cost me more money than it ever saved me I have 3 children

    this “article” is streching it a bit LOL

  11. ActYourWage says:

    I’m sorry but these articles are getting pretty pathetic.

  12. Some Guy says:

    Sex is an effect, not a cause. If you have a good relationship, the sex will take care of itself.

  13. Another Guy says:

    To “Some Guy” post above: I tend to disagree. There are plenty of couples who are great as a couple…a family unit; “partners” if you will. That doesn’t mean that the sex will be great, or even “good” for the matter.

    The problem I have with this article is with comparing this to my own past history. Sex has always been great with wild, crazy chicks (who have limited inhibitions). Problem is, for the same reasons that the sex was great, it created bad relationships. Crazy chicks are great in the sack, but aren’t usually the best spouses.

  14. psyop says:

    I always enjoy reading about concepts presented in new ways. Sexuality is a major part of being human. If one or both partners are unsatisfied with that aspect of their relationship, the whole thing fails.

  15. asmom says:

    Great article, interesting read……EXTREMELY OPTIMISTIC. Trust me, I’ve been married 18 years, the sex can still be great, routine or downright tedious. I admire your creativity, I wonder what your wife thinks about your plans to get rich by never taking her anywhere instead relying on sex to be your primary source of entertainment. Hmmmm…..

  16. Mike says:

    “Sex is not a way to save money. It is a way for a good Christian couple to raise a family. This is the worst financial article I have ever read.”

    hahahahahahahaha….(deep breath)….hahahahahahaha

    That is all.

  17. poundwise says:
  18. robf says:

    Hey [Faith] shut up, who are you to judge, you moonbat. Moral compass indeed, I wish that moral compass of yours covered judging everyone else with your narcissistic i’mbetterthanyou crap tin attitude. also, keep your bloody religion to yourself, those of us who think your christian god is false, don’t care what you have to say anyhow, so if you don’t think sex is a beautiful, wonderful, and quite fun, thing, you’re failing to see how it’s designed… and please DON’T raise a family, it’ll just be a killjoy like yourself… I bet you have weak hips and sharp knees anyhow, no wonder you’re so judgemental.

  19. mark says:

    whether or not great sex is going to make me rich or wealthy, I wish I would have listened to two key points in this article:

    Don’t marry her if she isn’t great in bed

    Great sex means that you have no reason to cheat on your partner, you’ll stay married.

    Maybe then I wouldn’t be divorced!! LOL

  20. kudang says:


    I’m sure your spouse is getting some on the side right now

  21. CJ says:

    Wow, Faith. A little hung up, are we?

    Don’t bother calling me.

    @SomeGuy: Sex won’t necessarily “Take care of itself” in a good relationship. Sex is an essential part of any good relationship, but it does require more than just a good relationship to have truly great sex. Call it chemistry, magnetism, lust, or whatever you want… great sex is the combination of a great relationship and a few key intangibles.

  22. atheist fornicator says:

    So, Faith, how are people of other (or no) religions supposed to raise a family?

    Or are only ‘Good Christians’ supposed to breed?

    People like you make me sick!

    BTW, I am going to do my best to have sex out of wedlock tonight.

  23. justme says:

    funny everyone is hating on faith for her christian values more than some guy willing to pay for sex with a prostitute LOL

  24. Deep Thrust says:

    I would so do the guy in the picture

  25. justme says:

    not me the girl in the picture does not look happy or satisfied

  26. Shakes n Bake says:

    Great article!

    I wonder if the girl in the above picture has a sister…

  27. Satan says:

    faith, you’re an idiot. If you could lay down you’re un-christian judgements (remember, jesus said “he that throws the first stone… ) ? Yeah, so go back and read that Bible you love so much

  28. guitarbuddy says:

    This comment is for faith. So-called Christians are responsible for a goodly portion of the world’s ills, including the slaughter and enslavement of countless millions of people, so your moral compass isn’t working very well. Grow up and stop telling others what to do with their private parts.

  29. Bob says:

    So, you’ve never seen a movie, never leave the hotel room on vacation, and 15 years later you’re still anxiously awaiting that night’s steamy lovemaking session?

    I want to call shenanigans, but the romantic in me wants to believe that this is possible, however unlikely.

  30. Seraphimc says:

    Well…. this is an interesting use of my photo.

    At least my models had a good sense of humor about it.

  31. Scanner says:

    Well, I don’t think he was commenting on whether it was acceptable to sleep with a call girl or not. . .just commenting on the advice she gave him.

    Why can’t a call girl give good advice?

    Maybe the call girl had a lot of perspective on failed marriages.

    (do ya think?)

    Got to give this essay 4 stars though. . .it did make me read it and his claims are logical and well-thought-out, although I do think there is a male bias to the article (I am male and I think I have learned a smidgeon about females in my 40 years on Planet Earth).

    Ask an average “sex in the suburbs” housewife about a vacation at the Blinking Pink Motel in Niagra or Vegas with mirrors on the ceiling and most husbands aren’t going to get a thumbs-up at the suggestion that they stay in the sack all week.

    All in all. . .a good essay in theory though.

  32. kc says:

    You’re a dumb ass. God is dead.

    In regards to the article, I beg to differ on one point–when I have a great sex life, I eat out WAY more often 😉

  33. Hilary says:

    This is just laughable:

    If you have great sex together, there is a lot less likelihood that either one of you will see divorce as something that you want or need.

    I wonder if the author took any time at all to actually verify his claims, or if he just said the first thing that popped into his mind. Just because he lives a one-dimensional life does not mean that everyone does. Many marriages break up even if there is great sex, because believe it or not, marriage is about more than sex.

  34. Oh Brother says:

    re: Faith, I’ve saved about 10% of my income when I stopped going to church. Btw, sex is good but masturbation saves more money. Get it done and release the tension and go about your life. You won’t want to date and court. You won’t spend money to impress others.

  35. TopWaysToSave says:

    I think its an interesting idea and definitely thought provoking. Obviously Faith thinks you should burn in hell for something you did in your younger years. You should just change it to something your mom told you and also change the words “great sex” into “great conversation” for Faiths approval.

  36. icarus says:

    uhmmm isn’t even the greatest sex kinda repetitive? I mean hurrah for sex and all, but isn’t this over-doing it a bit?

    If having sex again and again satisfies you so much that you don’t get bored enough to read, or watch movies, or travel…aren’t you most probably a stupid and uninteresting person?

  37. reflectionite says:

    i thought this article was great and it’s obviously got some attention!
    personally i think ‘faith’ is a hypocrital moron.
    anyone that passes a harsh judgement on their first paragraph and then rags on about christian values (ummm… judge not lest thee be judged? *cough*) clearly deserves to be slapped.

    that’s all i have to say on that matter.

    i say, bring on more of these articles! they are welcome on my end and i’m sure many more who aren’t prudes would love to read them.

  38. swimgirl says:

    LOVE IT!

    My spouse and I joke that if there had been free cable in married student housing when we were in graduate school, we wouldn’t have so many kids! Heck, we could have paid for cable and saved money.

    Great article. Thanks for writing something so thought-provoking and non-traditional! MOST people seemed to be pretty entertained!

  39. van girl says:

    Interesting view will get my partner to read when he gets home from work!! Great article. What about Mary Magdalene Faith?

  40. Mister Matt says:

    Anyone so quick to judge the morals of others obviously is not a real Christian. It’s pretty much the polar opposite of Christ’s teachings. Sex is not a way to raise a good Christian family. That makes no sense. Sex can be a means of procreation for those who are able to procreate, Christians or not. Sex is a way for a couple to attempt to have a child together, but it is not what you use to raise them.

    That said, it is a thought-provoking article. It makes some valid points, but there is something to be said about couples who place too much importance on sex. Many other levels of the relationship could suffer and if it gets to the point of being obsessive, sex could easily lead to financial difficulties as well.

  41. AJC @ 7million7years says:

    It’s not just the advice that you received, but HOW you receive it that counts 😉

  42. Ben says:

    Great sex can be acheived without getting married.

    In fact, NOT getting married is the best financial advice that everyone should be aware of!

  43. doris says:

    this was great!!!i never really thought about how much our great sex life was saving us. you are correct on most every point. goona share this with my partner.
    thank you

  44. Living Off Dividends & Passive Income says:

    definitely one of the most surprising things i’ve read in a while!

  45. BigMoneySaver says:

    Great article! A lot of very valid advice. Good sex can outweigh 95% of the problems people have in relationships.

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  47. Mulan Jameela says:

    This is totally rubbish. You are just throwing away morality issues and then try to hook it up with financial matters.

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  49. Velvet Jones says:

    Clearly this article was written by a man, because anyone who would say sex saves you money isn’t thinking about the cost of birth control, pregnancy, and/or abortion.

    I understand that sex is great and can be used for “entertainment” if you’d like. However I’m mystified on how the author failed to factor in the above realities and their costs. They would go for singles or people in relationships/married.


  50. meme says:

    I strongly believe that religion is no longer satisfactory.
    Its high time we threw that rubbish out of our lives.
    today religion is a hindrance.
    gives you nothing than a sense of regret and sinfulness.
    The article was almost very true to me.

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