Entertaining for Less: A Party Out of a Box


I’ve tossed a couple parties in the direction of my backyard from grilled gourmet, hanging out and birthdays, but none were quite so successful, or quite so affordable, as my no-reason-at-all box party. I entertained for a good hour and a half having only purchased some packing tape.

In my happy green world, there are few things more enticing than throwing a party on the premise of recycling. It’s that comfort of sitting inside a cardboard box as a kid that inspired it, the closeness, the multipurposeness, the in-and-out-ablility. It’s the joy of opening a gift with yet another empty box, and the joy of coming home finding an order had been delivered. The box-love doesn&


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2 Responses to Entertaining for Less: A Party Out of a Box

  1. Gail says:

    I remember as a child having access to those big cardboard boxes and the great fantasy lives that we lived in them. 50 years ago kids knew how to play!

  2. Kristian says:

    Old boxes are a strange thing. When you need them their value is immense, they are indespensable even. But when you have used them and need only to store them they seem a burden.

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