Books For Every Level of Financial Acumen


I’m a huge fan of reading. I believe that reading, both fiction and non-fiction, is a great way to learn new things and be exposed to more than you typically see in your daily life. If you want to learn something new, like personal finance, you can’t beat a good book. You can go at your own pace and learn on your own time, unlike in a classroom where you’re on a schedule and must go at the teacher’s pace. If something confuses you while you’re reading, you can stop, look it up or ask questions and come back to it later. Most books point you toward additional resources in the Appendix, leading you to learn more new things. And the best part is, you can get more


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10 Responses to Books For Every Level of Financial Acumen

  1. Ernie Zelinski says:

    Here are two of my favorite quotes about money which may not be covered in any of the books you mentioned.

    Money is what you make it. Depending upon who you are

  2. Thanks for the info. and all the reference book. I am fond of reading books too and I know if you read anything you will gain a lot of knowledge, and if you have knowledge you have power. thanks again.

  3. Bonni Lee says:

    You missed one of the great ones: Retirement Planning for the Utterly Confused by Paul Petillo.

    Evidently, his publisher doesn’t spend tons of money promoting like the other authors on your list but this one deserves a good look – especially now!

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  5. Nathan says:

    I recommend the Boglehead guide to investing. Its a great explanation of various investment options.

  6. Ilyce Glink also has a number of great books in addition to her thrice-a-week column in over 120 newspapers.

    Her book “50 Simple Steps You Can Take to Disaster-Proof Your Finances” is a great quick read for the beginner. Her books on real estate are also great and several of them really cater to first-time buyers.

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  8. urbantux says:

    I think The Wealthy Barber deserves a nod under the Novice category. It is very easy to understand and follow and isn’t written like regular books on finance and savings. Thats just my two cents, FWIW

  9. Wilson Porter says:

    I really enjoyed the information on this webpage. I have been looking for specific financial information.

    I like that you have a resource that has everything together.

    Thank you.


  10. wealthguy says:

    You might want to add:
    Rich Dad’s Increase Your Financial IQ: Get Smarter with Your Money: Robert T. Kiyosaki: Books.


    Get Rich, Stay Rich, Pass It On, George Walper, Catherine McBreen.

    for some real books on wealth!
    And no they don’t give you the recipe for getting wealthy because there isn’t a recipe. I think the fact of a easily recognizable recipe is what makes most of the books on your list so popular.

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