Reasons Why You Spend Money

why you spend moneyBy Jeffrey Strain

Have you ever thought about why you spend money? If you are like most people, you never have. The problem is that not understanding the motivation behind why you spend will make it much more difficult for you to limit your spending (if that is what you want or choose to do). While the following is not a comprehensive list of why people spend, it does hit on many of the common reasons that people do. If you recognize your motivation among the following common bad spending habits, you can take the first step to bringing any overspending you’re doing under control:

Can’t buy happiness: This is an easy trap to fall into, since most advertising goes to great lengths


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7 Responses to Reasons Why You Spend Money

  1. grepds says:

    I think a lot of people are afraid to tackle this subject. It’s always difficult to look at yourself and your faults to try and change what is going wrong with your finances. Although I’m not too happy about it, I do see myself is a few of these.

  2. I like all the things you said yeah that’s all true people are very impulsive. They never think first before buying things.

  3. Anna says:

    Another reason I sometimes buy things:
    I’m bored.

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  7. harold western says:

    I agree sid, good article but I love me king prawns sid, U get me

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