Contributing Writer Position Available

Update: The current position has been filled.

We’re searching for a new contributing writer for this blog. This is a paid position on a per article basis (it’s not a huge amount, but probably more than the average personal finance blogger is currently making). We will consider anyone who has an interest in writing about personal finances, but it will certainly help if you have a bit of personal finance writing (or writing in general) experience.

We’re looking for writers that are creative enough to write about personal finance issues from a different perspective. The writing should be something that you wouldn’t see on other personal finance blogs. While the writing


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2 Responses to Contributing Writer Position Available

  1. John says:

    Hi, I am interested in writing and in finances. I have a working budget my wife and I use and am working on building a portfolio of stocks that I am sure will be worth much when I am ready for retirement (I’m 23). Currently, I follow Warren Buffet on my stock decisions, while researching them myself.

  2. Jim says:

    John: You might want to re-read the article (particularly the last paragraph!).

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