When Trying to Save Money Can Cost You

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The other day my husband and I went to a specific grocery store that we don’t normally shop at to pick up some ice-cream that was on sale. Normally this particular kind of ice-cream (my husband’s absolute favorite) is at least $4 for a half gallon — and that’s on sale. But this particular week it was on sale for only $2.44 for a half gallon at this particular store. We went into the store and in addition to buying the ice-cream, we each picked up a small bottle of soda as a little treat. When we walked out of the store spending almost $8, I wondered why we even went out of our way to pick up the ice-cream at the sale price since we ended up paying almost the norm


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9 Responses to When Trying to Save Money Can Cost You

  1. appfunds says:

    I just stick to my shopping list.

  2. shawna says:

    the point you made about coupons costing you extra – I so do that! And I also justify it the same way – that the $15 item will only really cost $5. Maybe I’ll learn better one of these days :)

  3. Trent Hamm says:

    I agree with appfunds. Coupons can help, but write the grocery list first and only get stuff that appears on the list.

  4. Aryn says:

    I only bring the coupons for the products I need. I also compare the unit price, with coupon deducted, when comparing prices. And, of course, stick to the list! If it’s not on the list, it doesn’t go in the cart.

  5. hi there! i just “stumbled” here and wanted to say you have a great blog! thanks for the tips and advice. :)

  6. fractalbrothers says:

    the glass half full argument would be that you got the cokes for free.

  7. Jay Corn says:

    I have been saving money for years on everything from cereal, diapers, tissues, razors, cleaning needs to kids suff and home needs by planning my needs over the next 6 months and watching bargain hunting to stock up for 6 months as soon as the deal appears.

  8. Nancy says:

    I too fall victim to the “Spend $50, get $10 off” because what happens is that you end up spending more money than you should, and end up not saving at all. You will start buyin things you don’t need just to save $10. Here’s a better idea, don’t spend $50, keep it for yourself.

  9. Aphossa says:

    Next advice:

    Just do not buy the all items from the list and wait a couple of days.

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