Money Photos: How and Why Advertising with Cash Works

money roll

A hoard of junk mail has passed through my in-box and into either the shredder, a pile for reuse, or straight into the recycle bin over the years. It wasn’t until recently, though, that I started noticing how photogenic money can be in the advertising. It looks good, it’s appealing, and it’s hard to throw away — at least without studying the picture first.

Money in advertising is a wonderful gimmie. I remember studying advertising in our health class — something to do with peer pressure — and all the different types there are: bandwagon advertising, celebrity advertising, but never once money advertising. “Grow your business!” “Save!,&#


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2 Responses to Money Photos: How and Why Advertising with Cash Works

  1. toastyaroma says:

    when I see a heap or wad of money in an advertisement, I usually think one of the following:
    1. “too good to be true”
    2. over exaggerated
    3. get rich quick scam
    Same thing goes for leer jets, fast cars, and models with their feet propped up, “working” on a laptop in front of their beach front mansion. lol =P

  2. Kristian says:

    Cash is ubiquitous. As such if you can actually get someone to identify cash with your brand you have done a great thing.
    What scares me are the check cashing business I see popping up everywhere. Sounds like a very slippery slope.

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