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Free (Or Nearly Free) Entertainment For Every Week of the Year

A lot of people ask me: “If you don’t watch TV and you choose to limit movies, clubs, restaurants, etc. in order to save money, what do you do for entertainment? Aren’t you bored?” I usually look at them, dumbfounded, … Continue reading

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Can a Brand New Car Be a Better Deal than a Used Car?

Since I first became interested in personal finance a few years ago, I have been dead set against buying a new car. As a person who likes to save money, the thought of buying something that would depreciate tremendously as … Continue reading

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Should You Buy from People Like You?

Depending on where you live, you may see copies of Christian business directories, the most well known of which is The Shepherd’s Guide, in businesses around town. Though the stated purpose of such directories is couched in loftier terms, their … Continue reading

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Getting Past “It’s impossible” to “I can do this”

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Ten Ways to Reduce the Cost of Printing from Your Home Computer

Printing invitations, photos, shipping labels, and other paper items from a home computer is one do-it-yourself activity many people erroneously adopt in an effort to save money. While printing from home rather than buying in a store can save money … Continue reading

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Short-List Grocery Shopping Tips

I went to the grocery store this morning. My list included four items. I returned with ten. It would seem I had a problem with the impulse buy. That’s not, however, the case. Four of the things I returned with … Continue reading

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“I Spy” a Saving Opportunity

Just in case you have spotted me checking out all the library books I can find by Walter Wick, best known as co-creator of the I Spy books, I have a confession to make: they’re not really for my kids. … Continue reading

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32 Reasons to Be Frugal Besides Saving Money

I’m frequently asked why I choose to be frugal. Is it all about saving money? My answer is always, “No, it’s not all about saving money, although that’s a nice side effect.” Saving money tends to be the driving reason … Continue reading

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Should The Penny Go?

Pennies made the news this month, as they now cost more than their value to mint. (Nickels do, too.) These costs are blamed on the rising prices of the metals used to make the coins, so theoretically, you might be … Continue reading

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Is Camping Still an Economical Way to Travel?

I have always enjoyed camping, first in a tent and then in a mini-motorhome. We’ve always found it to be an economical way to travel. It’s always been cheaper than flying or driving, staying in a hotel room, and eating … Continue reading

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