Personal Finance Isn’t Just About the Money

personal finance isn't just about the money

Personal finance isn’t about money. Well, it is about money in the sense that it’s not about music or biology or hockey, but it’s not only about money. Having strong personal finance skills usually does mean that you will have more money than your peers, but the benefits of honing your personal finance skills go far beyond increasing the number behind the dollar sign in your net worth.

So what is personal finance about? A lot of things. The reasons for getting a grip on personal finance are as numerous as the people who care about their money, but some benefits are basic to everyone (or nearly everyone).

Personal finance is about conservation. I don’t hear the wo


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11 Responses to Personal Finance Isn’t Just About the Money

  1. devon says:

    Let’s be honest – it’s 99% about the money.

  2. Trent Hamm says:

    Devon, it’s only about the money in the sense that money is the middle step to get you to the things you want. Money is not your dreams. Money is not your home. Money is not your family.

  3. Ceejay74 says:

    This is a great article. So many parts of my life improved when I started living more financially responsibly. I’m going to show this to a friend whom I’m encouraging to start a budget.

    It’s so true that it’s not really about money. Now that I’ve got a realistic view of my finances, I’m less sure I’ll ever be rich than when I was oblivious, yet I feel much happier about my financial situation because I’m the one who controls it now.

  4. Ann says:

    This is a great article. It addresses so many issues that end up separating the financially fit and those struggling, no matter the dollar amount.

    Money makes you rich, the more you can do with it makes you wealthy.

  5. baselle says:

    Its definitely not the money you save, but the skill you show as you are saving it. Your net worth might be wiped out but if you still have the skills your net worth can come back. Personal finance is about the skill and the heart.

  6. James says:

    Oh yes. Money is often more than just money. It has tremendous symbolic value.
    For me, money is means of gaining security in an uncertain world.

  7. Penelope says:

    I totally agree. I believe good personal finance is the foundation of a successful, less stressful and therefore happy life. As I often mention in my articles, money can’t literally buy happiness but it can certainly contribute to the level of happiness in one’s life.

    I read somewhere that the cause of many divorces is due to stress from lack of money – in other words, poor financial management. As JD at Get Rich Slowly recently mentioned in one of his posts, personal finance is really about personal development.

  8. Natasha says:

    So true, self disaplin and subsequently lifestyle choices make a huge difference. With my circle of friends I prefer dinner parties and social gatherings held at home as opposed to dinning out or socialising in expensive bars.

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  10. Micheal jackson says:


  11. That Guy says:

    B.S. Walks; Money Talks.

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