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I recently discovered a new website that has a wealth of information about saving money on fuel. I’m pretty sure the website itself isn’t new, but it’s new to me and it might be new to you too. The website is and it run by the US Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. It has many different sections that will equip you with knowledge to help you save money on fuel purchases. Here are some brief descriptions of the different sections you can navigate on this website (click the title of each one to directly link you to that section).

Find and Compare Cars: Looking for a new car? Wondering about gas mileage (who isn’t these days)? This section is a great place to compare different vehicles’ fuel efficiencies. You can input your average yearly mileage and specify how often you drive on the highway vs. around town for a more accurate estimate of your personal fuel efficiency in the vehicle(s) you choose. You can also look at the list of the most fuel efficient vehicles by price range or type of car.

Gas Mileage Tips: This section offers tips to help you save money on gas by driving more efficiently, keeping your car in shape, planning & combining trips and choosing a more efficient vehicle. Included with the tips for driving more efficiently and keeping your car in shape are estimates of how much gas each step can save you, thus showing you which steps will make more of an impact than others.

Gasoline Prices: Gas prices vary by town and where you are within that town. If you go this section of the website, you can choose your specific state and city and find links that will show you where the cheapest gas prices in your neighborhood are.

Different Factors that Affect Your Fuel Efficiency: Besides your particular car, what other things can affect your MPG? Learn about the different factors that can cost you or save you tons of money on your fuel purchases. This section includes info about how you drive your vehicle, maintenance, fuel variations, vehicle variations and engine break-in. Sometimes it can really pay to be informed.

Why Fuel Economy is Important: Besides the obvious advantage of saving money on gas purchases, you can also read about the specific impact on the environment that saving fuel will have.

Your MPG Tools: You can register for a free account with the site and it will help you calculate your own MPG and maintain a fuel purchase record. You can also download a printable form for recording your fuel purchases.

Gas Alternative Cars: This section features hybrid cars, diesel cars and alternative fuels. You can learn how hybrids work, compare different models of hybrids, and research any tax incentives still standing for purchasing a hybrid. It also discusses electric vehicles and different fuel-cell vehicles. It’s a great reference for learning about vehicles that don’t use the typical amount (or type) of gasoline.

Extreme MPG: For some interesting reading and research, you can see videos of the world record of fuel efficiency, as well as the North American Solar Challenge and the SAE Super Mileage Competition. It’s actually pretty interesting to see how far these things can go on so little fuel.

Hopefully you can gain a few tips from this website to help you improve your own fuel economy and save some money on fuel purchases. Knowledge is power and more importantly, this kind of knowledge can not only save you money, but help save our environment as well.

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    Great information! I have a pretty big commute to work and this information is just what I need!

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