Getting Past “It’s impossible” to “I can do this”

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6 Responses to Getting Past “It’s impossible” to “I can do this”

  1. trex says:

    Having to sacrifice is not the American way. We want it all even if we can’t so we simply max out the credit cards and declare bankruptcy. Actually having to sacrifice, be responsible and not spend more than we have is communist treason.

  2. Miranda says:

    I agree to a certain extent with trex that our society has become reluctant to sacrifice and live frugally. We seem to have this idea that we “deserve” all this stuff.

    At any rate, a great article on trying to get your finances back together. I know there was a time in my life when I was in such a financial mess that I didn’t want to deal with it…

  3. I like the idea here. If all people paid attention to their finances instead of ignoring them they would be surprised what they could accomplish.

  4. xinecho says:

    it is important to acknowledge the problem we have.As the Chinese saying goes, the man who have self-knowledge is wise.

  5. Michael says:

    Bankruptcy though not an ideal option for everyone, is an viable option for some debtors who truly do want to make amends to their creditors but simply can’t as a result of some life altering event, such as divorce, loss of job, health issue etc. However, what some debtors may opt for is to file a chapter 13, which allows them to pay back their creditors, interest free but over 5 years.

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