March Madness is Saving Me Money

basketball hoop

I confess. I am a basketball junkie and I go mad in March with the other basketball crazies. It’s the one time of year where I drag out the old TV and actually plonk myself down in front of it. This has happened every year since I was a kid, but I never realized that March Madness, in addition to providing hours of entertainment, might actually save me money. However, since I’ve started writing about personal finances, I am far more attuned to what saves me money than I used to be and I’m happy to report that March Madness is one of those things that is saving me money.

So how does bingeing on basketball save me money? Reduced spending on gas is the first thing I notice.


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2 Responses to March Madness is Saving Me Money

  1. Here’s to the hoops!!

  2. Joshua says:

    Dude, March Madness is more important than christmas.

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