Taking Extreme Measures to Avoid Overwhelming Temptation To Spend


Every saver knows the internal struggle with the “gimmie monster.” By sticking to our chosen saving strategies, most of us can win most of our bouts with him. But sometimes, the monster wins out too often. For some of us, spending is an addiction, and the gimmie monster devours all of our savings. If you are losing the battle with your urges to spend, despite knowing you can’t afford the things you are buying, you may need to try some radical means to avoid temptation.

Self-discipline is not popular these days, and some would say avoiding temptation is a terribly old-fashioned idea. “The modern world offers all these great innovations,” they’d say. &#


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One Response to Taking Extreme Measures to Avoid Overwhelming Temptation To Spend

  1. AJC @ 7million7years says:

    Another great post … but, wouldn’t it also be great to be “Taking Extreme Measures to Increase Your Income so That It Doesn’t Hurt So Much To Spend”?

    Increasing income + deferring spending = Getting Wealthier.

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