Frugal and Friendless?


I’m not a social butterfly by any means. Never have been; it’s just not in my makeup. I have a very small circle of good friends (like maybe four) that I’ve known most of my adult life and that’s about it. The rest of the people in my circle are acquaintances that come and go based on my activities such as school, jobs, clubs, churches, etc. I was thinking the other day about why these people, more than any others that I’ve met in my life, have stayed my friends. Obviously there are a lot of shared interests and goals, as well as a shared history that keeps us bonded. But more than anything else, I think it’s because we’re all frugal people.

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5 Responses to Frugal and Friendless?

  1. Shannon says:

    Great article! I completely understand that feeling of discomfort going out with “spendy” friends. And I love that word, “spendy.” I think I might have to start using it.

  2. moneyrant says:

    This is exactly the reason that people don’t want to be frugal. When you are frugal, you are looked upon as cheap and not worthy as being other people’s friends. It’s a sad place we live in when one has to chose between being fiscally responsible or having friends. It’s no wonder so many people are in debt.

  3. I admire you and your friends! You have actual relationships; not ones that are built up around trying to impress one another with materialistic things.

    Now that my wife and I are a little “older”, we too have been trying to organize potluck dinners at our house and other less expensive ativities, some of our friends still prefer to “hit the town” be we’ve become closer with the friends that we enjoy less passive activities with.

  4. baselle says:

    Isn’t it funny how money takes the place of relationships these days? It sounds the members of the non-frugal group are more lonely than you think you are. They just spend lots of money together, and the only thing they have in common is the ability to pull out a credit card.

  5. Alexandria says:

    Actually I identify. My spendy acquaintances aren’t really interesting. Usually I am the one pulling away from them because I am rather bored and there isn’t much they offer. I can’t identify with them anyway.

    Whereas my close friends all tend to be a little more frugal and interesting, both.

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