What Football Can Teach Us About Finances


The football season is over now, and while that makes my husband very sad, it actually makes me pretty happy since I don’t particularly enjoy football. While I can’t get too interested in watching the game itself, I know there are some things to learn from the game. For instance, it’s better to be on offense and trying to score a touchdown than being on the defense and only trying to keep the other team from scoring a touchdown. For the most part, a team is at a better advantage when they are on offense since they are actually (hopefully) executing plays that will bring them closer to the end zone. They are more likely to score a touchdown when on offense than we they


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3 Responses to What Football Can Teach Us About Finances

  1. Shannon C says:

    I often think of our finances in terms of offense and defense, too, but I always see earning as offense and saving as defense, with both working together to win the game.

    (I have to tip my hat to the book The Millionaire Next Door for that idea.)

    Your way of thinking helps take the metaphor much farther, though!

  2. Ann says:

    If we could only convince society that working after high school with the intent of working for college instead of going to college after high school with the intent of paying for it later is a reasonable option, fewer people would be in debt to their earlobes with college loans.

  3. Interesting analogy. I am a huge football fan and a total finance geek, so this speaks to me. I’m not sure I would have made the same correlation in each of your examples, but they were thought provoking.

    I agree with Shannon C, that I have always viewed the analogy as offense = earning, defense = saving. There is a saying in sports, “defense wins championships, but offense sells tickets.” Similar to the American public. Big earnings impresses people, but savings are what will allow you to win in the end.

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