Financial Soreness and Why It’s Good For You

Just recently my husband and I have decided to tighten up our spending a little more than we have been doing in the past. We currently have an amount budgeted for extra spending (entertainment, fun things, clothes, etc.) and in the past, this has been more of a guideline than a hard and fast rule. In fact, I can’t remember the last time we actually spent that amount – it’s always been more. This month we decided to make staying within that budget number more of a priority. Let me tell you – it has not been easy. I’ve definitely been struggling a little bit with this. In fact, we spent that budgeted amount fairly quickly at the beginning of the month and the


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One Response to Financial Soreness and Why It’s Good For You

  1. Minimum Wage says:

    There’s this great quote from Bugs Bunny to Yosemite Sam:

    “What, sore AGAIN?”

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