How Your Budget Can Help Your Memory


Do you ever find that it is difficult to remember things? A weak memory is often hard to fix, but there are some things you can do to help yourself remember things. I’ve actually found that having a budget helps me remember certain things. How is that? Well my budget is a spreadsheet where I enter in my expenses for each month and sometimes for each pay period. Our bills are generally the same each month, but by having a separate column for each month of the year in my budget, it enables me to remember things that only happen at a certain time of year. Here are a few of the things my budget has helped me to remember:

When my car tabs expire: This may sound odd because usually y


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5 Responses to How Your Budget Can Help Your Memory

  1. A Marino says:

    I have been able to retrieve information much like what you stated. I also like to keep a notebook for dates coming up too.

    I also keep a notebook with my mileage daily and I can’t tell you what a life saver that has been. When putting my photos into an album, I was able to retrieve so much information from my mileage records.

    It if a good idea as you say to keep these listings such as interest rate expirations and also for CD maturities as well. Sometimes a bank has a promotion for a special savings rate and we forget about it because there are no reminders.

  2. My budget helps me to remember if I’ve paid a bill or not. If the space in blank, I need to pay the bill.

  3. Cortni Marrazzo says:

    Oh yeah- I forgot about that one! I put in the amount that needs to be paid and when it’s been paid, I change the color.

  4. jdauie says:

    Another word of advice – Don’t trust the Excel password protection.

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