95 Things I’ve Been Paid to Do

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Nearly half (45%) of college graduates are working in fields unrelated to their majors four years after graduation, according to a 1997 survey by the National Center for Education Statistics. That’s hard to imagine when reading the want ads, which often have high expectations for candidates with specific degrees and several years’ experience in a narrow field.

The experience requirements of want ads can be discouraging to job hunters — many want to leave their current jobs because they don’t like their work, but their experience pigeonholes them into the very line of work they want to escape. Nevertheless, a career path can take many unexpected turns, and being ope


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3 Responses to 95 Things I’ve Been Paid to Do

  1. Wow!! Thanks for the THOROUGH list!! It gave me some new ideas – there really are lots of ways to make money!!

  2. Mike says:

    Geez…that is kind of thorough…most of us get paid to us the restroom too…unless you punchout while in there ;-)

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