Nine Money Books for Children

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Children live in a very self-centered world as they focus on learning about themselves and how the world works according to them. As they go along, learning how to mimic parents and other adults, observing behaviors through cause and effect, they learn very early about this thing called money. It seems fitting that this first foray from fantasy to the real world should be reflected in their initiation to non-fiction literature. Books about money for children range from the very simple to the more complex, from the definition, spending and saving to taxes, the stock exchange, and how to make a little, or a lot, of it.

Money is a system of bartering and each group of common trade has devel


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3 Responses to Nine Money Books for Children

  1. Jarrett Singer says:

    This is a good post. Does anyone know of a comprehensive curriculum aimed at parents teaching their kids about money. I know all the concepts but I am looking for a comprehesive way to teach money and related concepts (investing, budgeting, etc.) to my kids as they grow. I have been to,, etc. but have not found a good curriculum at a reasonable cost aimed at parents and not teachers. I guess I could adapt a techers curriculum but i was looking for something else.

  2. zenith says:

    Dave Ramsey has a great teaching-tool for kids about money. Check it out at his website.

  3. money and kids says:

    I’ve been working on teaching my kids about money and I’ve been ready up on as much as I can – this was an interesting and informative post.

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