Retro Pop Music to Inspire You to Save

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Music has a profound effect on many people. A specific song can trigger long-forgotten memories and emotions or can inspire someone to make a life change — maybe proposing marriage, following a dream, entering rehab, or expressing appreciation to parents. Music is a creative way to express the thoughts and emotions dearest to our hearts.

Strangely, for all the time most of us spend thinking about money, earning money, and spending money, very few songs outside the rap/hip-hop genre talk specifically about money. Those that do talk mostly about acquiring money or spending it; I can’t think of a single song that talks about saving it. Nevertheless, it’s possible to put t


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2 Responses to Retro Pop Music to Inspire You to Save

  1. quirkeyalone says:

    Oh, sweet nostalgia! Who doesn’t miss the Jerry Curl, animated music videos, and the soft blur of the 80’s?

  2. Debbie Roberts says:

    Wow, this is an interesting way music speaks to us. I never gave it a lot of thought, but glad this person did.

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