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Wal-Mart Has a New Coupon Policy

Wal-Mart store

In recent weeks I’ve seen reports flying around the Internet that some Wal-Mart stores are accepting only ten coupons or less per transaction. For a heavy coupon user like me, this is bad news. I had hoped that perhaps it was just one or two stores that were doing this but, unfortunately, this policy has finally come to my Wal-Mart and may be coming to a Wal-Mart near you very soon.

I asked the local manager why the policy changed and he didn’t have any real idea. He said he hadn’t gotten an explanation from the corporate office and didn’t know if it was a nationwide policy, or just for certain stores. I’ve thought about this new policy to try to find a reason, and it still makes no sense to me. I don’t think it’s money. Retailers are reimbursed for the face value of the coupons they submit back to the manufacturer and, in most cases, are given a few cents extra per coupon as “commission.” Since Wal-Mart doesn’t double coupons beyond face value, they aren’t losing money on Walmart Coupons. They ought to be making money.

I understand there have been problems with coupon fraud in recent years, but that has mostly occurred with coupons printed off the Internet. My Wal-Mart (and many other stores) haven’t taken that sort of coupon for a couple of years and I am okay with that. I understand. But the ones you cut from the paper or the back of a package are much harder to duplicate and alter, and so fraud hasn’t been as prevalent with these types of coupons. The cash register knows if you bought the product for which the coupon is being redeemed. If it doesn’t sense that the product, quantity, and/or size is correct, or that the coupon has expired, it beeps and signals the cashier that there is a problem. He or she can then manually check the items and override the register, if necessary.

Which brings me to what I think is the real reason for this policy change. I think Wal-Mart is looking for ways to speed up their notoriously slow checkout process without having to actually hire more cashiers. They probably figure that if fewer coupons are being used, lines will move faster. I doubt it. First of all, a lot of things at the cash register take time. If someone is using WIC or food stamps, that takes time. Is Wal-Mart going to limit the use of these products, too? Second, writing checks takes time. Not many people do it, but those who do slow things down. Is Wal-Mart going to stop taking checks? Third, what about the person who gets to the register after all of their stuff is rung up and then and only then looks for the credit card, the checkbook or the cash? Is Wal-Mart going to institute a policy that you must have your payment method ready before the cashier begins ringing you up? Price matching, using multiple payment methods (such as a gift card combined with cash), chatty cashiers or customers, or cashiers-in-training all add time to the checkout process. In other words, if you aren’t prepared to wait in line, grocery shopping isn’t for you. I can’t imagine that coupons are so horrible in comparison.

I’ve always shopped at Wal-Mart because where I live I don’t have a lot of choices and using my coupons at Wal-Mart is the most cost effective option. Few of the grocery stores here double coupons and those that do have prices that are more than twice that of Wal-Marts’ regular prices. The stores here don’t have great sales, so I can’t try to save by hitting the loss leaders at each store. Besides, with gas as high as it is, I would eat up my savings by driving all over town. I may not agree with everything Wal-Mart does as a corporation, but they have always allowed me to stretch my food budget further than any other store. Coupons have added to those savings. With the economy heading south and grocery prices rising every day, I really hate that they’ve done this.

Will I still shop at Wal-Mart with this new policy in place? I guess so, but reluctantly and only because I have no other cost effective options. What I will do, however, is make multiple trips through the line and split up my coupons over two or three orders. If Wal-Mart is looking to save time, they won’t accomplish it with me because I’ll be in that line for quite a while. If another store opens up around here that will compete price-wise, I’ll vote with my wallet and shop there.

I complained to the local manager, although there’s nothing he can do. I have also complained to Wal-Mart’s corporate office, although I don’t expect to hear back from them. If this policy comes to your Wal-Mart and it bothers you, I urge you to complain, as well. Maybe if enough people complain they’ll change this policy. If you have other cost effective grocery options where you live, vote with your wallet and shop there. And if you know the real reason for this policy change or have another theory, please post it in the comment trail. I’d really like to understand.

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39 thoughts on “Wal-Mart Has a New Coupon Policy

  1. It isn’t really a problem for me, because I don’t use coupons for a lot of products. I buy Wal-Mart’s house brands as often as I can, and can’t remember the last time I used ten coupons.

  2. This makes me sad 🙁 My only lower price grocery comparison is our military’s comissary, but that is a lot farther away and thus costs more gas (and more time). However, I’ve the worst time at Wal Mart than at any other stores with cashiers trying to take coupons. Many of them don’t seem to understand how to do it, even though it’s a pretty simple process. I had a coupon once to get an item for free (from the local paper) and the cashier said she couldn’t do it because the register wouldn’t let her. After about 10 minutes and asking 3 other cashiers she was finally able to do it. Perhaps this is what they are trying to eliminate 🙂

  3. They make cash-only lines, why can’t they make coupon-free lines and put the newbie cashiers there?

    I know coupons don’t cost retailers because they get reimbursed by the manufacturer (unless, obviously, they are store coupons.)

    More reason for me to avoid Wal-Mart. That store has really become a thorn in my side. Well written, and thanks for the heads up.

  4. This explains why I saw a woman who had a cart full of groceries and a ton of coupons, only place a few items and coupons on the checkout counter and then would separate it with that next customer bar thing. LOL! I couldn’t figure out what she was doing. She was making separate transactions so she could use her coupons.

    I think they should let you use, say 20 coupons per trans instead of 10. I’m not a big coupon person but I save them up and then will load up on cereal and even I can come up with at least 10.

  5. geez that suchs they limit to 40 (10 at usans)already u have to have a csm override if u use more than the 40

  6. The new coupon policy will not be a problem for me at Wal-Mart as I only go in there for special items. I have many other stores where I can buy groceries. I heard that one grocery store only doubles the $.60 coupon up to 10 on the same item, so I’m already aware of that and never buy more than 10 of the same item with coupons.
    Some people think others are using too many coupons, that they are only to try an item. I know of more than one soft drink company who will send you free coupons for their products, so they love coupons. It is free advertisement for them if you bring a case of their soft drink to a gathering and everyone loves it. Then, they will go out and buy some.

  7. Wal-mart has no coupon limit (Over 40 need approval), anything less is set by local manager. See their policy on their website.

  8. I stopped going to Wal-Mart about 2 years ago…never bought groceries there, so have no problem with their coupon policy. The store has progressively gotten more messy, dirty, with ignorant, bored employees who act like they don’t want to be there to begin with. Would rather pay a bit more for a nice clean organized store such as Stop and Shop or Hannafords who both have wonderful, friendly employees.

  9. My name is Tristan Roy and I work for Edelman in Washington DC, doing online communications for Wal-Mart.

    We wanted to provide some information as clarification.

    Wal-Mart has no policy restricting the number of manufacturer’s coupons a customer may use (if they have 40 or more, or the coupons total above a set dollar threshold the transaction requires a management approval).

    We’d love to know the store that this may have taken place at so we can follow up and ensure that this is taking place. Please also let us know if you need more information to amend the post.

    Many thanks for your time and consideration.



  10. Walmart takes legit internet coupons. It must have an address to submit for payment, say manufacturer coupon on it, have a scannable barcode and an expiration date.

  11. I am presently in a battle with Walmart over internet coupons. If their policy states that they will take them and it meets all the qualifications then they should take them, period. When I called their customer service line (which is a total joke by the way) they told me “it was up to the appropiate level of management of that particular store” on whether they would take the coupons or not. So why write the darn policy??
    I think I’ll just stick with shopping at Meijer as I don’t walk out of that store clinching my teeth and gripping my fists so tight that I leave fingernail impressions in my palms!

  12. I shop at Walmart most every weekend and most of the time it is a pleasant experience until this morning when they told me that their internet coupon policy had recently changed (which is a bunch of nonsense). I had internet coupons for some free items (had a valid address, says mfr coupon) and the CSR told me they do not take them now..of course I told the cashier she could just take it off of my bill then..did not want the items. Every cashier is different, some will take them and some will not. I wish they would train their cashiers consistently so they are all doing the same thing and not hassling regular customers.

  13. Paula said it right! train everyone in all the stores the same.
    Why should one wal-Mart store have a different policy than another wal-mart store?
    Wal-Mart is big and they hold a great monopoly on the merchandise/grocery/gasoline market; however there are still other competitors out there.
    And in todays economy these other competitors are doing and giving more incentives for your money.
    So check the sales ads, check your coupons, make a list of your stops and do it all in one trip and try to only go once every 2 weeks to save on your gas and time.
    For example Kroger doubles and triples coupons and yes they take internet coupons without a limit on them.
    Another example is the dollar stores, a lot of their items are cheaper than wal-mart and they now take coupons.
    I appreciate Tristan Roy for replying with a response.
    But I myself have been up and down that road 3 or 4 times with the Hillsboro Tx wal-mart, first they take internet coupons then they don’t.
    It’s getting where I hate going to the place I really used to enjoy shopping.
    I want to be treated courteous, respectful and not made to feel embarrassed in front of a lot of people.
    I was treated very rudely in the customer service area just tonight in the Cleburne Tx wal-mart,I was embarrassed and treated with such cold disrespect, so that’s it! I will not go back there, I wish I had gotten her name but all I wanted to do was get away from there.
    Wal-mart employee’s need to remember just who does pay them, i have had some employees nearly run me over with not even a excuse me or give a apology.
    And while I am on my soapbox when I ask a employee a question I expect that employee to have a answer and if not to go and get me the answer.
    I am willing to pay a little more money to get friendly respectable CUSTOMER SERVICE!
    Getting checked out at wal-mart is totally unacceptable, they will have 2-4 self checks open and only 2 full service registers open, come on our time is valuable to us too.
    Fed up with wal-mart in Texas.

  14. I tried to use some coupons tonight at walmart in Kinston, nc and after the coupons scanned, we waited for CSM approval, which is normal for me as I use so many coupons. Wouldn’t you know it, she would not do a key turn. She asked manager and he said coupons stated one per purchase ( not the same as 1 per transaction) and stated I would have to do 1 item/coupon at the time. I left everything there and left. What a bunch of bull!

  15. When a cashier in Wal-Mart or any other store refuses to take my coupons, I immediately ask for a manager. That usually takes care of it as the cashier is making her own decisions, not following store policy. If the mgr. says it is “store policy”, I’d ask to see it in writing.
    Where I live in SC, I have options other than Wal-Mart, a Bi-Lo and Publix who double coupons every day one up to $.50 and one up to $.60. Then, Food Lion has had triple coupons 3 X this year, and Bloom (their subsidiary) once. With double coupons, I can purchase $50 in food, give them my coupons and $.52.
    I did have a problem in Wal-Mart because the cashier said I couldn’t buy the items with coupons, after she had checked me out and the register took the coupons. She looked in my bags, and I questioned her as to “Why” I could not use the coupons. They said “cannot use on the 12 item package” but I bought 20 item packages of diswashing gel. She was going on break and didn’t argue.
    I have gotten some great deals with coupons at Wal-Mart such as the Huggies Baby Wipes refills, $1.64 and I had a coupon for $3/2. That made them $.14 for 42 wipes, a great deal. I also had a coupon for $2.25 off of dishwasher gel tabs,price $3.38. That was what she questioned.
    They price matched the 12 double rolls of Scott Tissue, their price $6.38, match price $5 and I had a (6) $1 coupons. Found another coupons a few days later, went back and their price on the shelf was $4.38, and I used the $1 coupon.
    When I’m all through shopping, I am not in a mood to argue with a cashier!

  16. I recently went into the Walpole, MA Walmart and the cashier couldnt (1) realize that I had two coupons for the same item because I bought two of them and (2) wouldn’t take my stack of internet coupons. I had the transaction voided and will never shop at Walmart again.

  17. i was just at walmart 3430 midwest city okla. the girl started scanning coupons and then another girl came over and said we do not take internet coupons evev though they do scan call 800 walmart and counld not get answer

  18. Shopped today (Oct 26, 2008) at the Walmart in Alpharetta, GA on Winward Parkway. Of the 5 coupons we used (all valid expiration dates), 3 of them were refused and no explanation given. Product was legit. Due to the long line of frustrated customers, I did not pursue it with the manager. There is clearly an effort from Walmart to discourage coupon usage. Our local Publix and Kroger takes every coupon with ZERO hassle. Furthermore, to add more insult, my American Express card was also refused with a notice “cannot be transmitted to home office”, after just using it at a restaurant prior to the Walmart trip. Visa went through fine. Since AMEX charges higher transaction fees, I am also suspicious that they are trying to dicourage this cards useage even though there is the AMEX logo on the CC machine. Hope Walmart can get their act together to put actions in place that support the “Save more” slogans.

  19. i printed out walmart coupon policy and went to store 3430 midwest city, ok and was told since i had the walmart policy in had they would take the couponz this time. internet coupons that is

  20. I shopped at one of the two local WalMarts (Moscow, Idaho) today and put my selections on the counter along with my coupons. I had four of the holiday Glade oil candleholders at the advertised price of $2.00. I had two $2.00 off one Glade oil candleholder coupons and two BOGO coupons for the Glade oil candleholders. I explained to the cashier that these were four items; the $2.00 coupon was for the first candleholder and the get one free when you buy one coupon was for the second candleholder and so on…I also had six candleholder refills with four $2.00 off two refill coupons and two buy two get one free coupons; I had to explain the whole thing again. She refused to honor my coupons as she called it using two coupons on one item. No matter how simply I broke down the explanation, she didn’t get it. She then called over the CSM who said no; I asked for the manager and they called for the assistant manager who was on duty, his name is Daryl, he also told me no. So then I asked for a printed copy of their coupon policy and he told me that he would have to go into the office and print one off for me. In the meantime I said to forget the buy one get one coupons, I’ll just use a $2.00 off coupon on each item. The CSM also refused to let me use one $2.00 coupon off each candleholder. She told me that the coupons could only be used one per register receipt which I questioned but said that I would wait for the printed copy of their policy. I then said that I would just purchase one candleholder and use one coupon. The cashier rang it it all up and lo and behold the candleholder only scanned at $1.50 which then held up THIS transaction as the register said to give me back 41 cents. She called the CSM back over, the CSM told me that I could not use this $2.00 coupon as the candleholder was only $1.50. I informed her that their display said $2.00 on it and how was I to know that they had a price reduction and didn’t change their display price. She left for a bit to check on this matter and then came back and told me that the assistant manager had told her to tell me the same thing again about the coupons that I had previously wanted to use. I then asked again for a printed coupon policy, the assistant came out and explained to me that the oupon policy was in a section of confidential paperwork and that as this policy was confidential he could not give it to me. I then told him that I knew that a coupon policy is not confidential and that I also knew that he should give me a copy if I requested one. He still refused and walked away. I then asked the CSM
    if she could charge me the advertised price of $2.00 for the one candleholder, she did a price
    mod. on the item, I paid using the $2.00 off coupon and 12 cents on my Mastercard for tax. They kept me at the register the entire time, were hostile towards me and ran this sideshow in front of a busy store full of customers. Luckily, there were witnesses in the line behind me that I spoke with immediately following this incident. I have called the district manager’s office in Washington state, explained my experience and already had a callback. The lady that I spoke with was very pleasant to talk with and understood most of what I was trying to get across. She is, however, stuck on the BOGO coupon. So I said let’s just forget about that one. How about the fact that neither the CSM nor the assistant manager would let me use my single $2.00 coupons one on each candleholder; she doesn’t know; and she also apologized for the price problem on my third try at using coupons in their store. She is emailing Rich, the manager of that store and detailing the incident and is asking him to get back to me. I also called the corporate customer service office and am waiting for them to get back to me. I will post updates. Let’s hope that htey are positive. In the meantime, shop anywhere else but at WalMart!!!

  21. Walmart is HORRIBLE with coupons. At my Walmart, they read every coupon to see if they are from Texas. If it is from Texas, they state that they cannot redeem the coupon because they don’t pay them back in Texas. RIDICULOUS! I always try to find a younger girl working the registers because they just scan them without caring. I think some of the older ladies working their just make up their own rules. They probably figure they’ve worked there long enough.

  22. This is the email I sent to WM corporate tonight regarding the problems I had today:

    I encountered trouble using printed coupons at the Brunswick, Maine store this afternoon. I used 22 coupons total (15 Goody, 5 Durex and 2 Johnson’s) and once the cashier totaled my transaction, the computer called for a CSM to approve the purchases due to my coupons.First CSM Isabelle came over and upon finding that it was a “coupon issue” she took one of my coupons with her and left, saying she needed her glasses to read the coupon. Then she returned with Front End Manager Tricia. Isabelle and Tricia scrutinized the coupon in question for a long time conferring back and forth about whether it was legitimate. Tricia asked me where I had gotten the coupon. I told her I printed it directly from the “” website and that I had one item for each of the coupons I was using. I also noted that all of the items I purchased were the specific kind (Ouchless) and over $2.00 each as specified on the front of the coupon. Tricia told me that ONE of each coupon could be used per person. I informed her that “purchase” as stated in the terms listen on the coupon was one per “item,” not one per person. She rudely argued with me in front of other customers stating that one “purchase” included ALL of my items. I let her know that that was incorrect and that all of my purchases (items) made up one TRANSACTION and she relented. Then, she proceeded to tell me that Walmart “limits the number of coupons you can use that are the same.” I told her that Wal-Mart’s coupon policy stated no such thing and she would not allow me to use all of the coupons I presented. This resulted in the cashier and a CSM having to remove some of the items from my cart and then from my order and THEN cancel some of my coupons. This took a VERY LONG TIME and made everyone else in line wait. The rudeness and the unprofessional manner in which Tricia presented herself is UNACCEPTABLE. I implore you to take the time to make sure that not only employees, but SUPERVISORS are well-versed and educated when it comes to the store’s policies (especially those governing coupon usage). Not only was I annoyed, but I was embarrassed as Tricia seemed to try to make me feel like I was “stealing” from the store which I certainly was not. I would appreciate an email letting me know that this email was received and that a real person has read it. I would appreciate this email being forwarded to the Brunswick, Maine store manager for review.

  23. I find that wal-mart is not as reasonably price as they used to be, so i do not make the 30 minute ride anymore, and I shop local they take all ligement coupons, plus you get discounts with your store card. aka piggly wiggly

  24. I’m not usually a Wal-Mart grocery shopper but I did try try twice in the last week to purchase a few things that were good deals. NEVER AGAIN! Both times the cashiers were rude. The first one saw my internet coupon on the top and flatly said “We don’t take internet coupons” and processed my transaction, nevermind the 5 newspaper Q’s that were underneath it! I had to go to customer service and wait to have it re-rang up. The CS lady took the internet Q, no questions, ????. Must have been a cashier policy? My second experience was with an associate who would not take my Q’s at all. They had SteamFresh for 2, which I had a 2.00 off Q for, I also had a seperate Q for a free SteamFresh Veggie if you bought a SteamFresh for 2. Two seperate Q’s for 2 seperate deals. She said nope and was very rude about it. I told her to take it off and I’d take my Q’s to Bi-lo. She rolled her eyes and said they wouldn’t take it either. Funny, not only did Bi-lo take them, they actually congratulated me for saving so much money. The rub is that the W.Mart price and the Bi-Lo price was only 20 cents difference but it had a whole lot less attitude. I will not be going back in W.Mart, they treat coupon users like they are trying to steal and that just isn’t right. I’m starting to consider the time factor as well. Time is money and if I’m having to haggle, talk to managers, or stand in lines to get refunds it isn’t really a deal, is it?
    As far as their store brands being cheaper, I’m not really sure about that. If you plan your trips right and hold off to stock up when something is really cheap I think you can always get the name brands as cheap or cheaper then store brands. Example, last week Bi-lo had Del Monte canned peas, green beans and corn for BOGO, 1.20/2. I had a .30 Q for each can, they double so it was 1.20 off of 2 cans, or FREE!
    How can Wal-mart beat that? They expire in Sept 2010. I bought enough to last at least a year, maybe more.
    And again, Bi-Lo (and most other stores) have transactions without attitudes, lots of smiles and thank-you’s and come again’s. Wal-mart associates, for the most part, look like they want to kill you when you don’t have coupons. They are absolutely scary mean when you do.
    I think it would make me a masochist if I gave them money for treating me like poo, wouldn’t it?

  25. I found that Walmart cashiers are the most uneducated not only with coupons but in bagging. How do you feel about fish being bagged with your paper bag of donuts. Or your bloody burger meat with cardboard box of anything. When you get home the wetness from the meat has ruined the box. They do not know how to do coupons at all. I had to tell her how to ring it up. They told me the manufacturer coupon for a free grocery bag if I bought two fruit snacks could not be used because they don’t carry the green bags. The manager told me to go to Foodlion. The coupon never said what color the bag had to be but it had a picture of a greenbag. Walmart only has black or blue bag.I told the manager and cashier it was a manufacturer coupon not a store coupon and the color was not mentioned, then they told me I had to buy two bags to get it free. That is not what the coupon said. Anyway I got my free bag because I was not leaving without it.

  26. I just googled Wal-Marts Coupon Policy and it still reads Use of 40 or more coupons per trasaction will require approval by Customer Service Manager. It also reads only one coupon per item is permitted. If I purchased 18 of the same item I expect to be able to use 18 coupons. Is this how you interpute it? I’ve had to explain it to the cashiers so many times at Wal-mart that when the coupon states one item per purchase means per purchased item not per transaction! Normally it will state per transaction when you are only allowed to use one coupon. If the policy has changed then why is it not on their web site? I can’nt emagine these companies only allowing you to purchase one item. They all want to sell products or take the chance of going under! Has any one ever contacted some of the manufacturers to see how they meant for this to be interpeted?

  27. ok to the walmart rep that posted on here i have had LOADS of trouble with an oklahoma walmart more times than i would like i have had them roll their eyes at me and throw the coupons down on the belt when i give them to them, also have had trouble with them telling me i cant do free coupons, i havent shopped in tehre in almost 5 months b/c they keep pulling oklahoma companies products, shawnee mills, griffin, MIO and replacing it with MORE better value and the most expensive brand…jelly for instance they ONLY carry better value and smuckers its been like this the last 2 moths i shopped at walmart, the district manager said yes they had those products(i kept checking back for 2 months, and never got anything other than those 2 brands in), also would like to make a comment about the checkout lines there was only 4 open one day in the large super center walmart this is when they told me no about using my coupon….so just a heads up if you want people to shop at walmart they need a meeting with all the walmart stores about how to treat a customer, about 3/4 of the ladies i have bookclub with is tired of the rudeness you get from walmart so we are no longer shopping in there and we plan to keep telling people all of our horrible walmart experiences

    ok i know that went alittle off topic b/c this was supposed to be about coupons 🙂

  28. i was recently told by another supermarket here that walmart is the only place that triples coupons in our area (i was told this on the store’s advertised “triple coupon wednsday” after they said they can’t triple coupons that are already $1 off). i do not normally shop at walmart because the store is messy, crowded, and out of 30 registers 2 will be open with lines trailing around the store. with money being tight this year i thought i would give walmart a try. not wanting to seem stupid before i got there i surfed the net for walmart’s coupon policy and came across this article. i am appalled at how some of you have been treated. i did manage to find their online coupon policy, which mentions NOTHING about triple coupons, however i have decided to forgo the walmart experience. i will continue to do most of my grocery shopping down the road from my house instead of making the 20 min trip to wally world. walmart and target are right down the road from each other, i think i will be shopping at target and paying the extra few cents in order to shop peacefully and guess what? they take all my coupons 🙂

  29. @jennifer,

    I frequently shop at Walmart and have on many occasions asked for help for something and had great service.

    I think with all large companies you will find at least a handful of forums, or discussions of people bashing it.

    target for instance…

    I wouldn’t let this discussion discourage you from getting good deals on items that you may be looking to buy. I myself have had great service from Walmart and horrible service from Target.

    But if you want to miss out on great prices that’s up to you.

    PS. I have absolutely no affiliation with Walmart whatsoever. I’m just a satisfied customer. 😀

  30. I use internet coupons to save money on purchasing the newspaper. Recently, a Walmart manager told me that they are not accepting internet coupons b/c they have received fraudulent internet coupons and the stores lose money b/c the manufacturer does not reimburse Walmart. But they are accepting manufacturer coupons cut directly from the newspaper. They did not say anything about a coupon limit, so I hope this answers your “Why” question.

  31. There’s NOTHING WRONG with coupons printed off the internet! These are manufacturer’s coupons, the stores that takes them WILL get reimbursed, and that stupid policy of Wal-Mart’s has made me stop shopping there. It’s not that much of a bargain anymore, anyway.

  32. I had to get a part time job as a cashier at walmart. One problem as I see it, from the other side of the register, is that a lot of times people who aren’t typical “couponers” use coupons for the incorrect items. I am an extreme couponer, however, I never seem to have a lot of luck at Walmart, I use Kroger, they have good sales, and double. With that said, a cashier can have a CSM (customer service manager) override the system at most stores. I know at our store, I have done this many times, and always get a thrill! Also, email the Home Office to get a copy of the coupon policy, our Walmart has it posted, and claims that printable coupons are allowed, that way if you have a cashier who tells you differently, you have the proof. These are just the same as the ones you clip from the paper….just a thought…Finally, make sure you make nice with a cashier, and try to go to her/him often. I have couponers who will wait to come through my line, because they know I actually have a clue about how to do the transaction correctly, trust me, it’s kinda hit or miss with this one…I understand, I’ve seen the people who work there! Good Luck!

  33. Erin, the problem is that even when you quote/present them a copy of the policy then they simply say that it has changed recently and what you have is no longer correct.

    That happened to me tonight. I came home and of course their corporate policy had not changed one whit. While the cashier manager in charge did finally take my coupons, she did so very reluctantly and I was given a big hassle over it.

    Another problem with walmart is the misunderstanding of one coupon per purchase versus one coupon per transaction. Per purchase means per item purchased. They insist that it is per transaction, will even tell you the coupons says that when it plainly says per purchase. At least at the stores around here.

    I haven’t seen a coupon limit around here yet, but from what I was told tonight, you can only use one FREE coupon per transaction and you can no longer do the separate transactions back to back. You have to physically leave the store, come back in and purchase the next item.

    NOT worth the trouble. I’ll take my money to coupon-friendly stores.

  34. why on earth would any one want to shop at wal-mart any way…..that company treats employees like scum under their feet ….they make up rules as they go plus the mangers lie to save their own ass…I will never shop wal-mart…prices are not that low I get better deals at safeways,not hassles about coupons,they don’t care how many you use

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