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Is the Fair Tax Really Fair?

I recently stumbled upon the idea of a different tax system that some are advocating our country change to called The Fair Tax. I don’t know if my head has been in the sand about this or if many other … Continue reading

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Stuff I Just Don’t Buy Anymore

We haven’t had a significant salary raise in this household for quite some time. Yet, despite the fact that our income hasn’t gone up very much, our standard of living has increased. We’re able to travel more and buy more … Continue reading

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To Be Green, Prepare to Spend Some Green

I try to live an environmentally friendly life. Among other things, I drive a smaller car, I recycle, and I use compact fluorescent light bulbs. I’m interested in doing more to help the environment, but sometimes I find myself stymied … Continue reading

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Prepare For Your Financial Winter in Times of Plenty

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General Advice Is Good for Personal Finance, Too

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Letterboxing: An Interesting and Inexpensive Form of Recreation

In England, letterboxing is old news – more than 150 years old, in fact – but I only heard about it for the first time (from two different sources) in 2007. It may be gaining more popularity because of its … Continue reading

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The Discomfort of Being Financially Abnormal

In recent weeks I’ve felt a distinct discomfort when listening to the media, the government, and even my acquaintances talk about money. It’s always been pretty clear that I’m not normal and that I don’t fit financially into this society. … Continue reading

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