Sometimes, All You Have to Do is Ask to Save Money

By Jennifer Derrick

I recently returned from two weeks of traveling for both business and pleasure. As I was setting up the components of the trip (hotels, rental cars, etc.) I was disappointed to discover that there were virtually no deals to be had. This surprised me because there’s usually some sort of deal available and I’m very good at sniffing them out. (See my earlier article on how I take frequent trips on a limited budget) Normally I will balk and simply refuse to travel or pick a different destination if I have to pay full price but, since the trip was partly business, I had to go. I thought it was good that at least part of the trip would be tax deductible since I wasn


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4 Responses to Sometimes, All You Have to Do is Ask to Save Money

  1. Best Bun says:

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but I love you! I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to be smart about money. My husband and I are “almost” seniors and have agressively pursued our goal of a secure retirement. You rock! last summer I got a $30.00 a night reduction on a hotel just by going online and then calling the hotel to ask if there was a better deal.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I totally agree with Best Bun, you are absolutely right. I am a hardcore of travelling. Every time when I start to have a trip, I will always search online to see if there are some good deals. Then I SAVE a lot.

  3. There are ways of asking for a discount without coming off rude. When you are at a restaurant you can ask, “Do you have any specials?” which sounds a lot better than, “Can I have a discount?” I agree that it doesn’t hurt to ask, because many places will not advertise discounts so it is up to the customer to seek them out. There are some places that will offer discounts if you pay in cash instead of credit card.

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