13 Ways Women Can Avoid Emotional Spending

I recently came across an article on The Simple Dollar website entitled “Dealing With A Bad Day Without Spending Money.” The author, Trent Hamm, listed 6 things that help him to chill out after a bad day and don’t cost a thing. I was inspired by the suggestions he listed and came up with 13 of my own that are directed toward women.

Men and women often have a completely different idea of what it means to relax at the end of a bad day. My husband enjoys playing X-box to relax, which is the last thing I would consider. The following ideas may appeal to men as well, but I think they tend to have a softer spot for women.

1. Take a bath: Relaxing in a bathtub full of hot w


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7 Responses to 13 Ways Women Can Avoid Emotional Spending

  1. Dido says:

    Good ideas, but why women only? I’d think virtually all of those would apply to men as well with only slight variation (men are reputed to prefer crunchy to sweet, and a man might find organizing his car or desktop more stress reducing than organizing a closet.

  2. Velvet Jones says:

    I’m sorry, it’s not quite clear to me why women need to be singled out for emotional spending.

  3. Lauren says:

    I love this post! It’s so true, for me at least. I think that the emotional aspect behind spending is so interesting. Maybe I’ll have to try some of these next time I feel like doing a little “Retail Therapy”. Although, I think that organizing my closet wouldn’t make me feel any better and even more likely to notice how I could use another pair of shoes to match a certain dress 😛 Other than that, all those ideas sound terrific for me, at least.

  4. Maxine says:

    I like this post also. Always looking for ways to relax without spending money. You could add surfing the internet mindlessly also. That usually relaxes me as long as I don’t click on the “buy me” links.

  5. Chickie says:

    If you feel that you want to have a different look, instead of buying something new-“shop your closet”. By that I mean going through your clothes and accessories putting them together in a new way. A lift without spending money.

  6. Melissa says:

    I agree with this post. Instead of going home to relax, I want to go out and find something for the house or even more fun find an outfit. However, I think this post is some good advice. Thanks!

  7. Tina Keegstra says:

    When my husband deployed to Iraq I started my “retail therapy” and went on a pity party . I think now this caused more problems in our marriage and was a total quick fix. It didn’t really help me -just made problems worse. I LOVE this website and this project!!! Thank you candidates for stepping up so we can learn with you!!!

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