Twelve Ways to Save Money on a Cruise

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7 Responses to Twelve Ways to Save Money on a Cruise

  1. Raven says:

    Regarding point no. 2:

    If you book your flight on your own, make sure you give yourself a lot extra of time to make your boarding call. If your flight is delayed, the ship won’t wait for you and you will not be compensated.

    On the other hand, if you book the flight with the cruise company, you’re guaranteed that the boat will wait for you or, at worst, you’ll be given a chance to go on another cruise.

    So, if you make your own flight arrangements, I’d supplement that with trip insurance.

  2. Karen says:

    My Dad discovered that one of the cruise lines offered a substantial discount to veterans, even those who served decades ago. I can’t remember which cruise line it was (Carnival, maybe?) but he was able to go on a week long cruise for under $500 – at least 50% off the normal price. Definitely worth checking if you or a loved one served in the military.

  3. Cruise Bug says:

    Just a warning in regard to the first comment. It is a common misconception that a cruise ship will wait for you because you booked your air through them. In some cases they will wait for you. What if your flight is many hours late? Do you think that they will delay departure for you? If you do book through the cruise line, they will do everything that they can to get you on the ship. That could mean flying you to the next port.
    Please don’t assume that booking through the cruise line guarantees that the ship will wait for you.


  4. irina says:

    And don’t forget if you are really overzealous penny-pinching saver, figure out if you can give a lecture, or entertain the cruise passengers and get on that cruise ship FREE of charge or even get paid to cruise. How do I know? I am a special event entertainer and I am asked to entertain on cruise ships all the time. Unfortunately, my family situation not allowed to travel for now. But, I might very well consider it in the future.

  5. Penny Saved says:

    A couple of other tips….Some cruise lines will let you bring cans of soda or alchol with you. This is much cheaper than buying on board. And once you have booked your cruise, check online travel agencys…Some will let you transfer the reservation and give you an onboard credit for doing so.

  6. peter says:

    I am going on a Royal Caribbean cruise. I would like to smuggle o a bottle of Vodka. What are the down sides? (like getting kicked off, etc.)

  7. Jennifer says:

    Some lines allow you to bring on drinks and some prohibit any beverages brought on from the outside. It depends on the line. Call your line for specific details.

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