Learning Valuable Lessons By Being Scammed

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I would be willing to bet that most of the people who read these blogs are pretty financial savvy — or at least are trying to be. But everyone once in a while people can get duped into spending money on something that is either a scam or simply a waste of money. I admit that I have been suckered into a few of these things in the past and was reminded of these times when I recently escaped one such scam.

I somehow stumbled upon the website picture.com which is run by the International Library of Photography. On this site they have the chance to enter their photo contest, which gives out cash prizes for exceptional photos. My husband had recently taken a very beautiful photo of a r


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4 Responses to Learning Valuable Lessons By Being Scammed

  1. Traciatim says:

    I went through the same thing with picture.com, only the picture I submitted was TERRIBLE. My family found it and made me enter this sub-par shot of a sunset that was taken while driving, through a dirty window of a car.

    I knew immediately something wasn’t right when I was a finalist or whatever the scam was.

  2. Roger says:

    Fraud crimes will continue to grow until the government and banks exploit ID KEY system. which will deter fraud by making both signature and PIN systems reliable and foolproof.

    Why would anyone get tempted to do identity fraud if they had to personalise their signatures on agreements, cheques, money withdrawal notes etc. with ID stickers?

    Why would anyone get tempted to do mail order fraud when they have to personalise their signatures on receipts with ID stickers?

    Why would anyone get tempted to do ATM fraud via use of stolen and skimmed cards when they would need security code stored on ID KEY to activate the transaction?

    Proposed ID KEY can be treated as a reliable international ID card because it will personalise signature and PIN number to only the right individuals.

  3. karen cain says:

    dont buy any product from wwwDVDcollections.com its a fraud beside tehy sell boothlegs items

  4. jOHANNA MORGAN says:

    I too have fallen victim to this scam. A maternity shot that I took was selected for publication in Endless Journeys and stupid us, we sent the money in to them for the book. To date nothing has been received, and when you try to call them, unless you have a 3 digit extension #, you don’t get anything.

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