How to Take the Bulk Out of Warehouse Club Purchases

warehouse shopping

If you have a lot of storage space, warehouse clubs, such as BJ’s, Costco, and Sam’s Club, can help you save some money on products you use frequently. The one we visit does not offer the best deals on every product, but we depend on it for consistently low prices (usually about 30% less than other stores) for paper products, certain types of food, phone cards, and more.

Some people avoid warehouse clubs simply because of the typical size of the things they sell. If distaste for buying in bulk is the only thing keeping you away, keep track of how much of your favorite products you use — it’s possible that you would use a wholesale package much more quickly than yo


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4 Responses to How to Take the Bulk Out of Warehouse Club Purchases

  1. Traciatim says:

    Keep in mind that carrying extra weight in your vehicle will decrease your fuel efficiency. A quick google found this quote:

    “An extra 100 pounds in the trunk will reduce your fuel economy by 1 to 2 percent in the typical vehicle.”

    The only thing I would recommend putting in your trunk to help is either sand, salt, or kitty litter or some combination. That way at least it’s useful when you get in a bind stuck somewhere. Though I’m sure your six 5 gallon jugs of pickles were a great deal, they won’t get you out of one.

  2. dorry says:

    I have to agree that storing stuff in your car is not a good idea as it wastes gas and puts more strain on the car’s engine. If the only area you have left is your car, then you’re buying too much stuff.

  3. Karen says:

    I’m always a little amazed at people who say they “don’t have enough room” to store any large packages. I used to live in a 350 square foot apartment, and I found room. It just means being creative. But if you have limited space, it’s also important to prioritize. I only bought items in bulk if they really saved me significant money over buying smaller packages. Buying a big bucket of laundry detergent at the warehouse club might save me $4 or $5 over the smaller packages – worth the storage space. Buying a huge bottle of ketchup might save me 30 cents – not worth it.

    (As far as where to store things – I think the space overhead is often forgotten. I mounted sturdy shelves above the door frames in my kitchen and bathroom, and it more than doubled the space I had for storage. I also used the tops of bookcases, cabinets, etc. Most people never look up anyway, and in a small apartment, you have to use every inch! For long term storage, it wasn’t a big deal to get out a step stool to reach them.)

  4. k brady says:

    storing on top of a refrigerator, i believe, makes the unit run less efficiently. you’re supposed to leave the space for airflow from behind the fridge so that the motor can run efficiently.

    my parents always told me not to put stuff on top of the fridge, and i think i read this in a magazine about saving energy.

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