Overheard: Financial “Duh” Moments

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I hear and see a lot of people’s financial problems. Once I started writing for this blog, suddenly it seemed like money talk was everywhere. Some people yell their financial problems into their cell phones so loudly that everyone around can hear. Sometimes people at work talk too loudly in the break room or in someone else’s cubicle. For some reason, certain acquaintances view me as their financial confessor and tell me all their problems. And some people post their problems on the Internet for all to see. I feel for those who have genuine hardships and, when asked, I try to give the best advice I can. But when I hear and see financial “duh” moments, it’s real


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14 Responses to Overheard: Financial “Duh” Moments

  1. samson says:

    I’ve heard conversations like that before and it a combination of hilarity at how inappropriate it is and embarrassment for the person for the exact same reason. You think people would use more common sense.

  2. gloria says:

    The worst is when they sit on the phone yelling into it on purpose so everyone around can hear trying to make themselves look rich. The Joneses do this all the time and all I can do is shake my head. You wonder what they are thinking, but I guess that image is important enough for them to make a fool out of themselves trying to look like they have all kinds of money.

  3. counterpoint says:

    They are all so stupid that it’s not even worth the effort to try and help them. If they get their identity stolen it is there own fault for being so ignorant.

  4. Nancy says:

    I have friends that do this and I swear they don’t even know they are. The start talking on the phone and they get into their own little world and don’t realize anything that is going on around them. When I tell them what they said or how loud they were talking, they don’t even believe me. I think more people do this than ever realize. The are so focused on the conversation that they forget other people are listening. I think everyone could use this advice and be a bit more careful when having conversations in public.

  5. Great article Jennifer!

  6. Very good article and so true. I get so sick of people broadcasting their financial problems and mistakes for everyone to hear. If you are genuinely asking for help, that’s one thing but don’t just be careless and discuss your finances anywhere.

  7. steph says:

    I wonder how many people do get their identity stolen like that? There are a lot of people that don’t protect their financial information well and I could see identity theft occurring from someone not paying attention and being to loose with their information. It would be interesting if there was a study on something like that.

  8. Aren’t people dumb? It’s like they don’t…get it. Maybe they just want attention. That must be it.

  9. dan says:

    I just shake my head when I hear conversations like those. Really, what can you do besides shake your head and be glad it isn’t you. It’s the same as driving a pimped out car – they are trying to seek attention and while they are, it’s not the attention they probably thought they were getting.

  10. dorry says:

    I won’t go into a huge rant, but I HATE people like that. And the guy cheating on his taxes, I hope he gets thrown in jail.

  11. Cassandra says:

    I hear this all the time. Once on the shuttle around campus a girl sitting a couple rows from me was on the phone talking to her bank. She gave her security password, account number, and SSN over the phone for all to hear.

    Anyone could have easily written everything down and then called her bank later to transfer money into their own account. People must think that they are in a phone booth whenever they talk on their cell phone.

  12. Mike says:

    How about the people that don’t even know anything about their mortgage? Fixed rate? “I have no Idea.” APR? “I have no idea.” Term? “I have no idea.” One may think this is part of the reason we are in this subprime mess…not predatory lenders…just ignorant borrowers.

  13. Minimum Wage says:

    I work in a convenience store. Last spring, two young (enough to be carded in a bar) women came in. One put a bottle of water and a pack of gum on the counter. As I rang up purchases, she said to her friend – who did not buy anything – “I can’t believe I’m spending my dope money on water.”

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