Bananas and Grocery Shopping Optimism


My son asked for some bananas for snack, and I started singing something I had a vague recollection of: “Yes, we have no bananas, we have no bananas today!” I got the melody all wrong, and as my husband and I tried to finagle the right tune, I offered banana spread I had made and frozen from some bruised naners some weeks before. After finding a couple of performances of the song online in video form, I satisfied my brief obsession, and my son’s, with the banana song.

Or so I thought. If you read the lyrics to the song, you learn that the storekeeper, a non-native English speaker, has a quirk or refusing to answer “No.” Instead, he sings “Yes, we have no


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2 Responses to Bananas and Grocery Shopping Optimism

  1. I love this post. My husband often has to drive around town in order to find Roman Meal bread, the only bread he really likes. Fortunately, I’m not so picky.

  2. Annie J says:

    Substituting is a common routine for me. For example, I had meals planned that required ground beef, but ground turkey was less expensive, so I decided to buy it instead. When I got to the store, I saw that ground pork was also on sale for even less than the ground turkey, so I ended up buying the pork.

    I also had a recipe that called for a small amount of All-Bran cereal, but I found that a small box was nearly $4. While I like bran cereal just fine, I refuse to pay that much, so I mentally changed that recipe to include oat bran, which I already had at home, instead of buying the All-Bran.

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