Letterboxing: An Interesting and Inexpensive Form of Recreation


In England, letterboxing is old news – more than 150 years old, in fact – but I only heard about it for the first time (from two different sources) in 2007. It may be gaining more popularity because of its close relation to geocaching and the many recent books and movies about puzzle-themed treasure hunting (The DaVinci Code and National Treasure are the most well known of these, but Michael Stadther’s A Treasure’s Trove is more closely related to letterboxing.) For whatever reason letterboxing is gaining a foothold here in the U.S., the idea of it appeals to me and my frugal nature.

Letterboxing involves finding clues on the Internet (if you’re in North Ameri


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6 Responses to Letterboxing: An Interesting and Inexpensive Form of Recreation

  1. Annie J says:

    We Geocache for fun. Although there was the cost of the GPS, we didn’t buy one that was top-of-the-line, so we feel we’ve had more than enough inexpensive fun to make it worth the cost.

    We haven’t looked into letterboxing, but we should. I’m sure we’d find it just as much fun as Geocaching.

  2. nanamom says:

    This sounds like fun. My DH geocaches and waymarks and as the above note said the expense isn’t much once you buy the unit and the history that can be taught when waymarking is awesome. I think we will try this.

  3. Funhog says:

    The art aspect of Letterboxing is what sets it apart from geocaching. I have made a collection of handcarved stamps created by folks from all over the US via this wonderful hobby. Enjoy!

  4. Mike says:

    Geocaching is a blast. We started this spring and our kids love it. Our four year old insists that we find one per day and we are now up to 55 days in our streak.

    Good Luck!

  5. Casa del Sol VB says:

    We absolutely love boxing. If you want to find out more, check out Atlas Quest, the premier boxing community!

  6. Wonderful article. Please write more and send it into Geocacher Magazine!

    -MJ / Publisher


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